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Today has been a great day! I got to go with my cute mother in law on a date to Vernal Utah. We started early in the morning and drove a few hours to Vernal. We started our adventure at the Vernal Utah Temple! I totally forgot my wallet and temple recommend, but the workers were so sweet and helped me out! This temple is so cool! The temple used to be a Stake Tabernacle and they remolded the inside. So cool! Its neat because it is all wood inside and a cozy homey feeling.

After we went to the temple we ate at the always delicious Taco Bell! Then we got some yummy treats from the gas station, and headed up to……

DINOSAUR NATIONAL MONUMENT!  I was so excited to come check this place out!

Tuney on a stegosaurus.

Isn’t this so cool??! It is a HUGE area full of tons and tons of dino fossils! So cool! A river used to flow through this area back in the day and when dinos died or drowned they got washed up in this river, so there are different parts of dinos all over from the water flow. I guess there used to be 50 more feet of fossils found above the top of this huge quarry and all those fossils have been removed and are in museums or research stuff.

We met a fun Ranger (a man with a cool long gray braid in his hair) and he told us lots of cool facts about dinos. Here is mom and I in front of an Allosauras. The T-rex of his day.

Tuna sitting on a fossil. Guess what? It is a real fossil! They let you touch them! Neat huh?

Allosaurus face! I had so much fun checking out these fossils! I would like to go back again! After checking out the quarry we went to the new visitors center they built! Mom got Jake a cool dino book because Jake LOVES dinosaurs! After a fun time, mom and I headed back home. This was a great day!


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