AZ Natural History Museum

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When Jake and I were in Arizona we got to spend an afternoon at the Arizona Natural History Museum in Mesa. We had so much fun! We spent about 3 hours there and could of spent a lot more time there! There were so many neat and exciting things to see! It was also a great way to escape the afternoon heat!
Two of our favorite exhibits were an old jail house that the museum is built around! How neat is that?! And a little creepy! It was a little erie going into a jail cell that I knew people really slept in! There was also an exhibit that had all the movies that were filmed in Arizona! There were many I had seen, and many I still need too see! Oh also there is a movie room, and you can pan for gold!
We also loved all the dinosaurs and a waterfall they had that came and did mudd slide! I don’t know if you guys knew, but I am a HUGE dinosaur lover! Jake is too! That is one thing that bonded up together 🙂 Our love of dinos! haha On our first official date we watched Jurassic Park!
Arizona, Arizona natural history museum, dinosaurs, rocks, bear
Arizona, natural history museum, rocks,
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AZ Natural History Museum