Friday, after getting home from a fun time at the cabin, Jake and I got to go on a date with Aimee and Brandon! We all love the show Man Vs. Food, so we decided to make our way down to Coopertown, in Phoenix and go to Alice Coopers Restaurant.

We knew right away what we were getting……the “Adam Richman’s” Bases Loaded Big Unit!

Wowzers look at that dog….

We got a yummy huge vienna sausage dog! It was good, but a little disappointing. It was not as good as we expected, but thats ok. I think if it didn’t have the sweet relish on it and more chili on it, it would of been perfect! So now I know what to do to make it a delicious dog next time. And yes, this dog is big enough to feed four people!

After a fun dinner we went to Tempe Town Market Place to go to the movies. We had time before the movies, so we headed over to a candy shop to look around. Jake wanted these massive Rice Krispies.
I can never go to the movies without a fresh buttered popcorn. It is the curse of the aroma smell of the popcorn when you walk in to the theaters.

We saw Sherlock Holmes 2. It was good, but I liked the first one better. There was some fun action scenes, twists and serious surprises of course, but wasn’t my favorite.  I am glad we saw it though. I think my favorite part is when Sherlock invents his own camouflage……

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