Camping and a beautiful drive through Utah

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Jake and I drove to Moab late Friday night. I love that Moab is only a few hours away! It makes for an easy and fun trip 🙂 I love having a big car. We took out all the seats before we left, and threw in a ton of blankets and camping mats. We made a super cozy bed in the back of my car. I slept so good! In the morning when we woke up, it was so beautiful out.

The sun starting to shine 🙂

Everyone having a fun sleepover in the back of the car.

I was loving these beautiful teal colored rocks we passed. So pretty.

On our way home from our adventures in Moab, we saw a huge, beautiful rainbow!

Utah is so beautiful to drive through.

On our way home, we stopped in Price to try and go to the Dino Muesum. Sadly, it closed an hour before we got there 🙁 But its only an hour and a half away, so well have to make a day trip and go sometime.

For dinner, we tried Sheralds Drive in! We got gyros!

Our Gyros were delicious!

After we went to McDonalds and got cones! This McDonalds had dipped cones! So awesome! Do all McDonalds have dipped cones now? So delicious!

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Moab Diner and The Rock Shop
Camping and a beautiful drive through Utah