I meet Santa at a day at Disneyland all by myself!!!

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This is my kind of day when I pull into Disneyland parking!!! Tuesday morning, sadly mom had to go home. I took her to the airport bright and early and then drove to…DISNEYLAND! I was so excited to go all by myself! I love going with people, but there is something so fun about going by yourself.

I got there right when it opened, which is my favorite time to go because all the workers are lined up down Main Street and have Mickey Mouse hands on and wave to you as you enter Disneyland. It is the best!

Also bright and early in the morning, tons of characters are out to say hello.

Lots of the characters had Christmas outfits on!

I loved Minis outfit. I want this same outfit to wear on Christmas day.

I started the morning off with a chocolate croissant. My favorite!

Then I went straight to Space Mountain! I missed seeing it with all the stars!

Next to the Matterhorn! I love this jerky ride!

Teapots! This was fun!

Alice in Wonderland.

The snow white ride should really be called something to do with an apple. “Have an apple, the bad apple…the evil witch and her apples…I don’t know but something to do with apples since the evil witch offers you one seven times during this short few minute ride.

For lunch I had the steak gumbo bread bowl! It was delicious!

The pumpkin snowman on the top right is my favorite. So cute! I liked the Haunted Mansion all decked out.

This is what I really wanted to do most the whole day was go see Santas Reindeer Round up!

There was a cute Donkey! Her name was Pocohantus . Maybe because of her cute spots 🙂 I want a cute donkey. I think they would be a good friend to have.

Ok, I didn’t know there was literally going to be reindeer at Santas reindeer roundup! I thought it was just pictures with Santa. I was soooo wrong! There were TONS of reindeer! It was the best surprise ever! I sat and watched them for at least an hour! They were so cool! and really pretty!

I just wanted to sit and go snuggle with this one!

Pluto reindeer.

Waiting in line to see Santa!

Me and Santa. We had fun seeing each other again and catching up.

Mrs Clause.

One last look at the cool reindeer!

I colored some pictures with some kids. Here are my reindeer I colored.

I LOVE walking through all the shops! This was the first time I have ever seen an Ursula doll!

I topped off the day by going to California Adventure!

Got a slurppy for the bus ride back to the Woody parking lot! It was an amazing day at Disneyland! It is so fun going by yourself. If you have never done it, I would totally recommend it!!!

I got home from Disneyland around 6pm and went over to my sister Ambers! She was working on her gourmet chocolates for the boutique that we had on Thursday and Friday! She is quite the choclateir! We had fun dipping chocolates until 1am! What a great day!

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disneyland at christmas time :)
I meet Santa at a day at Disneyland all by myself!!!