orignial pancake house and the San Diego Temple lights :)

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Wednesday was a great morning! My sister Amber was so sweet and treated Nancy and I to the Original Pancake House.

Amber and Nancy got crapes!

I got chocolate chip pancakes and sausage links! YUMMY!

After a great breakfast we went to the mall and went shopping! I was so surprised to find two fabouls winter coats which I am really excited about! I LOVE winter coats that keep you nice and warm! We all found some awesome stuff and had fun shopping for a few hours. Then we went to pick up the boys from school. Nancy and Amber and the boys went home, and I headed for San Diego!

I really wanted to go to the LDS San Diego Temple while I was in California. I am trying to go to all the different temples around the world 🙂 Maybe someday I can get to at least half of them! There are soo many LDS temples being built now! It is wonderful! Anyways, I made my way to San Diego! I love that you can see this temple off the freeway! It is beautiful!

I got to do a session! It was great! I LOVE going to the temple. It is always a peaceful time for me.

When I came outside, it was dark and the Christmas lights were on!!! I was so excited! I had no idea the San Diego Temple was decked out in Christmas lights for the holidays! It was beautiful! I walked around the temple grounds several times because the lights were so fun to look at!

To the left is the freeway, and the white on the right is the Temple. So neat!

Cool manger scene you can see from the freeway! I drove passed the temple on the freeway out of town and it was beautiful! I wish I was able to get a picture of that!

What a great night! When I got home, I went over to Ambers and her and I (and Nancy helped) us get all our stuff for the boutique set up for tomorrow morning! I always forget how much work it is setting up a boutique. It is defiantly worth it to have a cute set up and take the time, but yes, it takes time! It was a great day and enjoyed it!

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orignial pancake house and the San Diego Temple lights :)