LA for a day!

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Thursday, my mom and I had a fun time driving to California. Before we left, we dropped off my quilt at the quilters and went to some fabric stores! It was so fun! Then we headed for California. We got to stop and eat Subway and play at the outlets. It was a fun trip! When we got home mom and I watched some TV and vegged out. Later that night I went to my sister Ambers house and hung out with her and her sister in law Nancy. Amber showed us how to use her cool watermellon cutter.
Then we ate jalepeno poppers at 1am to end the night off well.
Friday my mom and I had fun going to LA. We started our morning off doing a session at at the LDS LA Temple. It was so fun! This temple is really neat a beautiful! It is full of beautiful paintings! I LOVED it!
I also loved that this temple is right in the city! Here is the view of the temple right off the street.
Walking around the temple grounds we saw that they had lots of lights up for the holidays! So fun! I want to go back someday at nighttime during the holidays to see the LA temple lights.
After a great time at the temple, mom and I went to Whole Foods. That store is so fun! I love all the diffrent food sections there. For lunch I got a turkey, bacon, avacodo sandwhich. It really was the best sandwhich I have ever had. Really it was. The bacon was like a glazed honey bacon. I think I could eat just the bacon by the pound. After my mom and I were going to go to the fabric and fashion district, but we took the wrong exit and didnt want to drive back in the traffic, so we left LA and headed to the fantastic Costco.
I thought this ring was really cute at Costco. Mom and I had fun shopping around and seeing all there Christmas specials! I got some fun stuff!
Tuna was really good and slept in the bag while we went to two diffrent Costcos looking for a really cool Hello Kitty Alarm Clock, that we didnt find 🙁 Thats ok though. Then mom and I went to Pollo Loco and ate! I love thier roasted corn! Delicous!
Mom and I then went to Ambers house to hang out with the animals and watch the latest episodes of Americas Next Top Model and Project Assecory. “Im Tookie” ok lets say that was deffiantly the weirdest episode ever of ANTM. We were all laughing soooo hard!

Bryce and Tuna bonding over playing some Halo together. Today was a great day! I want to go back to LA some time soon to hang out in the districts!

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