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On Tuesday in Georgetown, Jake and I did a little shopping! I got these super cute new pants and had to wear them right away! I ended up wearing these, and a gray shirt the entire rest of the trip…….woops 🙂

Wednesday afternoon, I got to spend it with Vonya. She took me to Pentagon City to go shopping! We had so much fun eating lunch and doing some shopping! I wanted to get some flats because summer is coming up! I think it was a successful shopping day! I was sad to say by to Vonya, but glad I got to spend some time with her! She was so kind to me!

When I got back to the hotel, I wanted a treat, so I got a smoothie in Dupont Circle at Yogi Castle.

Then I took the metro out to the National Archives to go pick Jake up from work! I got there a little early, so I walked around and couldn’t stop looking at the beautiful sky!

This is the National Archives! This is where Jake worked for the week! He had so much fun!

Tuney and I waiting on a bench for Jake to get out!

On a walk to try some Red Velvet Cupcakes.

Vanilla bean and red velvet cupcake! We also, tried some other flavors, but sadly, Red Velvet was my least favorite cupcake place we went to. I liked the red velvet flavor, the other 4 flavors I tried, no bueno. A neat thing about them though is they have all vegan and gluton free cupcakes. I didn’t try one of those, so maybe thats they was to go!

After eating some cupcakes on the mall, Jake and  I went back to the hotel to change my shoes. My feet we hurting so bad! Bad choice to put on new shoes so soon…..I was dying laughing because when we got to the hotel, I showed Jake all the new easter animal friends I bought at the mall (I have an addiction to buying stuffed animals….) and showed them to Jake. The next thing I see is Jake fast asleep on the bed..feet hanging off, bow tie still on, and all animal friends in his hands. He didn’t move for 2 hours until I woke him up after Harry Potter on TV finished 🙂

Happy Early Easter!

We went out for a yummy late dinner in Dupont Circle. We went to get indian food from a place right by our hotel called Dalchinni. It was soo good! It was really authentic and delicious! I would recommend it! We got a shrimp marsala and garlic bread.

We got a variety plate appetizer and it was so filling! We didn’t even need dinner after it.. but of course we ate it all! So good!

Walking around Dupont Circle. Its super cute!

We found a super cool book store with open mic night and a cafe! We have fun looking around at all the books!

Jake and I each picked out a book to take home 🙂

We passed a Krispy Kreme and I had to get an easter donut! So cute and good!

Jake giving Tuna a foot massage. hahahah to funny.

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  • Stephanie Lin
    March 25, 2012

    What beautiful photos! Looks like a lot of fun!

  • Samantha
    March 25, 2012

    Fun! By the way, cute shoes! 🙂

  • Cara
    March 25, 2012

    What a fun day! I love all the flats you got. Especially the Aldo ones.
    What a great treat for you being able to travel with your hubby while he is working. That would be my dream job. Traveling and playing with my hubs while he works during the day and I get to explore the city 🙂 I hope you have many trips like this planned in the future.

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out and about in Washington DC