DC: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

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Next to the zoo, the Smithsonian Natural History Museum is my favorite in DC! I love all the Smithsonian Natural History museums! They are AMAZING!

Giant squid. These are one of Jakes all time favorite animals!

I headed straight to see the dinosaurs right when I got to the museum! I love dinos!

I would be so scared swimming next to this hippo…

I went and saw and IMAX movie on coral. It was fun.

I love egyptian stuff!

mummies scare me…….

mummified bull…..

Mummified baby crocodiles. They were the size of a finger they were so small.

ah….another scary mummy. They gross me out, but I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Real bugs at the museum! Neato!

View outside the window! It was raining all day! I loved it! I love rainy days!

Found another squid…

This is such a neat museum! I wish I lived by it so I could go more often!

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  • Emily
    March 28, 2012

    i love this, kinda like my own little personal tour from across the country! so glad you shared 🙂

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DC: Smithsonian Museum of Natural History