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Last Tuesday, Jake and I got to go to Disneyland together, just us! It was wonderful! I always love going with family and friends, but it was so nice to go just the two of us 🙂 The morning started off strong seeing lots of Disney Characters!

Then Jake went to get us chocolate crossants for breakfast, and I went to get us FastPasses for Indiana Jones ride. Jake was so excited to wear his R2D2 Mickey ears all day!

We rode some fun rides in Fantasy Land, and then headed over to Big Thunder Ranch to pet some cute goats. This is seriously my favorite place in Disneyland. I could spend all day over at the Ranch.

Cute little guy licking Jakes leg!

Time to color!

Jake takes coloring very seriously.

Chimichanga time!

The Columbia was out sailing! It was our first time to ride on this baby!

Since it was summer hours when we went to Disneyland….Davy Crocketts Canoes were open! We were so excited! We ran straight for the canoes when we saw them! A little kid was sitting behind me and splashed me a ton. I was soaking after the canoe ride.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

I love all the pretty flowers around Disneyland!

Churro time!

and Treat time at Poohs Corner! We love Disneyland’s chocolates!

Jake and I have never seen Piglet in person before! This was a real treat! He was such a cute bright pink!

My feet were really hurting, so we made a trip to the gift shop and found these cute shoes. I shocked they were Crocks. I have never been a big fan of crocks, but I LOVE my Mickey Crocks 🙂 Maybe I am changing my ways 🙂
Pirates is the greatest ride ever!

For lunch Jake and I went to the Hungry Bear Restaurant! I wanted to try the Fried Green Tomato Sandwich!

Here is the fried green tomato sandwich withs some sweet potato fries! I LOVED it! I would love to eat it again, and everything else on the Hungry Bears menu. It all looked and sounded soooo good!

After a good lunch, we sat down and got some seats for Mickeys Soundsational Parade! It makes me cry every time a see it! I just love all hte music and dancing. It really is magical.



Ariel and her fin

Donald Duck

Snow white, Sleeping Beauty, Tangled.





Headed over to California Adventure! I cant wait for June 15th when they open up the entrance again to California Adventure and Cars Land! Even though I wont be there, I am happy next time I come I can walk straight into CA. This new white building is a replica of the building where Snow White was first played and premiered. They made it a restaurant. Jake and I looked at the menu and it all looked amazing!

We grabbed a business card to make sure we called the restaurant next time we go to California Adventure to eat there!

Over to Animation Academy….our favorite!

My drawings are the top ones, Jakes the bottom ones! I love animation studios! It makes me feel like I can draw something, when in real life I struggle with stick figures!

Eating some chili lime corn! Not as good as we hoped, but still a great corn! We were just hoping for more flavor. It was delicious though!

A new Mad Hatter Tea Party Set up at CA.

Heading to the Tower of Terror!

Riding Hymlics Chew Chew Train! We are inside the watermelon!

I still get scared every time the hornets stingers come out in this show….

After Bugs Life we headed to a favorite…Corn Dog Castle! We tried a new kind of hot dog today. We got the spicy hot link corn dog! It was good, but nothing beats an original corn dog from the Corn Dog Castle.

Getting ready for a swing ride!

OHHHHH YUMMMMY! Pineapple wedge in dark chocolate! This was the first of many of these in our 3 days at Disneyland!

Guess what???!?!! Jake and I got to ride Thunder Mountain during the finale of the fireworks. It was so magical. We saw Tinker bell fly, fireworks at every twist and turn of the roller coaster. This night will always be a highlight for me!

Next Jake and I watched Fantasmic! I have not seen this show since I was little! It has changed alot since I have seen it! It was amazing! Luckily we got seats for the show and so it made it even more enjoyable!

Then it was 11:00 at night…and there were hardly any lines, and lots of fun rides to be ridden!

We love Casey Jr. Train.

Space Mountain! Check out the guys sleeping in the background. So funny!

Last car in the parking lot………we had a fun day at Disneyland! We stayed all day and night and partied hard! So worth it! What a great day with my cute husband!

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  • Marlee Gennille
    June 7, 2012

    I love that you wore a mini-mouse shirt to disneyland. you are too cute. XX.

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