our first LEGO certificate of achievement

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On Jakes and I drive down to California we made a pit stop to Downtown Disney. We wanted to make sure we went there, so when we went to Disneyland, we didn’t feel like we would have to go over to Downtown Disney and find cool stuff and carry it around all day. It was a good thing we went over on Saturday becuase we became official LEGO builder helpers!
Building bigger blocks to help create a large dragon!

Expert LEGO Builder at work! He was amazing! He had no pattern, no instructions, and was just following the little dragon to make the big one. It was amazing!!!

That weekend, LEGO also came out with 3 new LEGO series sets! Lord of the Rings, Monsters, and the Adventures. The Monster ones are my favorite. I want to get all of them they are so cool!

Tuney hanging out at Build A Bear.

Relaxing inside California Hotel. Its so neat in there. They had a piano man playing and it was so peaceful. It was a lovely evening in Downtown Disney.

 Here are a couple little LEGO sets Jake and I got. I LOVE the City Lego and have been wanting this space shuttle for some time.

 The new monster sets are rad. I liked that this one glows in the dark!

 Jake and I are obsessed with minifigures, so we had to get this. We didnt start collecting minifigures till series 5, so glad we could get some special old ones! Like the GORILLA MAN!!!!

And we got the Dragon! If you spent $50 at the LEGO store on the day of building this guy, you got him for free! So, we had to make sure we got him, since we got to help build a HUGE LIFE SIZE ONE!

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our first LEGO certificate of achievement