a top-hat to a home :)

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September 6: Whooooa a roof! We were not expecting to see this today! I guess the men framing the house were going out of town on Friday, and needed to get the roof done, so they stayed alllll day and worked on the house. I didn’t mind 🙂 It was so awesome seeing a rooftop! They still need to secure some sides down, finish the top of the roof and the framing will be done! I think? I know nothing about building a house! So crazy! I heard after the framing gets done that it seems like the rest of the house takes forever to get done. I hope not! Here are some pictures around the outside of the home!

Back of the house. Right is the family room, left kitchen.

Jake walking around picking up trash 🙂 We bring a trash bag over every time we go see the house and pick up trash. There is not a ton, but just empty boxes from nails, lunch trash, just things to keep the building tidy and clean 🙂

Upstairs, all the framing was done! Oh happy day! Jake and I had so much fun imaging where to put furniture and arrange things when the house is all done!

This will be our master bedroom…

Looking in the master, out into the loft, and craft room.

Standing in the master bedroom looking into the hall way.

Standing in the loft. We decided to do a half wall in the loft to give it a more open feel. Straight ahead will be a bathroom, and to the right a bedroom.

Standing in the craft room.

Looking into the loft.

Standing in the guest room.

September 7: Cement laid on the front porch. Looking good 🙂 Jake and I also met with the Heating and Cooling man. We talked about furnaces, AC, picked out each spot all the vents will go. I had no idea so much went into that. We were at the house with him for over an hour picking things out! I am so glad he had time to meet with us. We ended up upgrading on a furnace and keeping the AC the standard. Hopefully with the heater, we can save money over time!

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  • jes @ twosmuppies
    September 14, 2012

    you should hide something within the frame of the house 😉

  • Brady and Brittany
    September 14, 2012

    So fun!! I love that you guys go pick up trash. That's cute AND responsible! 🙂

a stair case..and an upstairs!
a top-hat to a home :)