lots of home updates! and Doors and windows in!

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September 10th:

A roof on the porch!

Little electric boxes started popping up all over!

A stair case leading to the down stairs!
Items for vents and air conditioning started popping up to!
On the backside of the house, the roof was getting started!

I found a bug…

Windows in the garage! This one made me so excited! They are so cute! Originally we were going to get no panes in the windows. Then last minute we called and changed it! I was sooo glad we did. I think the panes are going to add so much cute little details to the home!

Tuna wanted his picture taken in the dark basement….

Outside of the house. I really like the long window up above 🙂
and a beautiful sunset to end the evening.

September 11:

Whoooa. A furnace!

AC starting to go through the house!

Canned lighting! We went a little crazy with the cans and put them all over the house! I am so glad we did though. I dont want a dark home with no light 😉
and ac…going up to all floors.
September 12:

Garage framed in! It is looking so good! Oh happy day!

Doors have arrived! Left is the back doors, right is a sneak peak of the front door!

Tubes..pipes? (I dont know what they are called) are in through all floors!

A fireplace framed in!

The start of railing for the bottom of the stairs!


Tubs in the house!!!!!!

Looking in the master bedroom out! Look at all the wires! Awesome!

September 12:

Garage Framed in!
Pillars on the house! For some reason we didn’t realize they would be this neat shape! They are cool, but for some reason we want simple up and down straight, so I think they may change that?

Front and back doors in!

Windows in!

Fire place in!

I am loving the panes in the sliding glass doors.

Back door

Pluming pipes!

Small windows in master bed room installed!

Ceiling vents in!

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  • Kimberly Bonham
    September 18, 2012

    Love your blog! New follower! Follow me back via GFC?

  • jes @ twosmuppies
    September 18, 2012

    i know i say this every time but i am seriously so amazed by how fast everything is coming together!

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lots of home updates! and Doors and windows in!