Seattle Day 4: Picking Berries, Ferry Ride, Wild Ginger, Chocolate cake

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Saturday started way earlier for us in Seattle. We woke up at 6am to drive to Anachortes to go Kayaking! Jake and I were both super excited to go kayaking in the ocean, but Jake especially! When we got into town, we stopped at Jack in the Box to get some breakfast! Kayaking pictures coming soon on another blog post.

On our drive home from our Kayaking adventure, we decided to take the nature root home instead of the freeway. We saw a fresh produce store and they had a big sign that said come pick your own rasberries! We pulled in to pick some berries! This was mine and Jakes first time picking berries!

The entire carton of Rasberries was less than $2.00. Amazing. We also got some blueberries, peaches and nectarines.

On our drive home we had a ferry ride! This was Tunas first ferry ride. Top picture is us waiting to get on the ferry, bottom picture is our car parked on the ferry.

We had a fun 10 minute ferry ride walking around the boat.

For dinner Jake and I really wanted to try some real Chinese food. We passed Wild Ginger everyday going down to the pier and each time we went by, it was packed! We thought we would give it a try!

Sadly…..I didn’t like any of the things we got….I am not a picky eater either. I will eat pretty much anything….The items all looked great on the menu and were presented beautifully, but I did enjoy anything I ate. 🙁

For dessert I wanted something I knew would not let me down…so we headed to PF Changs for some take out! I got the Great Wall of Chocolate! Oh YUMMM! Yes, I ate it all!

Walking back to the hotel. Sad it was our last night in Seattle! We were having so much fun! We went back to the hotel, I took a hot bath, hung out in my robe, and ate my chocolate cake! Then got packed to leave the next day 🙁

Our souvenirs from the trip! We love to bye the “Goodnight” Books every time w go to a new place! They are our favorite! We are trying to collect them all! We always get books and magnets..and usually stuffed animals on our trips!

I found a picture of our rental car to. It was a cute chevy malibu. It was fun to drive! It was so nice having a car all week. We walked alot of places, but it was nice to have a car for our adventures outside of Seattle.

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Seattle Day 4: Picking Berries, Ferry Ride, Wild Ginger, Chocolate cake