Finding the Perfect Shoe

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The Perfect Nude Heels
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The Perfect Black Shoes
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Jake and I are attending one of my best friends weddings this summer in Texas and we are so excited! I get to be a bridesmaid and I am so excited!  To go with our dresses I am supposed to bring the perfect pair of nude heels!
This surprisingly was quite the task! I have searched high and low and finally came up with the perfect heels for the occasion!  I found that I could of boughten several pairs of nude heels for lots of occasions but since I could only pick one, I went with number 11! Can you believe this is my first pair of nude/tan heels? I am going to need to buy some more in the future 🙂  What would be your perfect nude heel?
Jake really needed some new black dress shoes.  He had worn out his favorite pair till the soles came off from to many holes.  He really wanted to get a munk strap set but decided to go with a more basic shoe that would fit for more occasions and he could also wear with jeans.

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Finding the Perfect Shoe