Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers

Wondering what to get your toddler for Christmas?!?! Today I am sharing my twin toddlers favorite toys that would make great Christmas gifts!

Holiday Gift Guide For Toddlers

A question I get asked all the time is “what are your girls favorite toys?!” Today I am listing all my girls favorite toys and why we love them! Any of these would make awesome Christmas gifts for toddlers! Plus they are all toys that should last for years and grow with them as they do! Thanks for stopping by today for a roundup of our holiday gift guide for toddlers.

Mini Kitchen

I put this mini kitchen on this list first for a reason! Its a splurge item at $159….but it is something that will get hours of use from your cute kiddos! Plus its a really great blue color perfect for girls or boys! When I buy toys I really like to find things that any kid would love playing with! This kitchen is the perfect size for toddlers. Plus all the doors are magnetic which really helps for not getting smashed fingers. I love how this kitchen also comes with plates, cups, utensil, baking sheet and a loaf of bread. We have boughten quite a few toys now from Tender Leaf and the quality of their toys is exceptional.

Play Food

There are lots of fun play foods out there. I ended up getting these wood ones and they fit perfectly in little crates in the girls play kitchen. My girls also love the play food that has velcro on it that the pieces stick together.

Doll House

This is what my mom got my girls this year for Christmas! I am so excited for the girls to get it! We already got it in the mail and I put it together because I was so excited! Just like any Tender Leaf product, this doll house is worth every dime! I love buying products that come with everything you need. This doll house includes all the furniture. I bought these wooden dolls to go with it.

Kiwi Co Crates

Have you heard of Kiwi Co before?!??! They have the coolest crate boxes that ship every other month with 2 months of activities in each box. They have boxes for every age group that are specific to their learning and development. Each box comes with everything you need, including activity cards that give you ideas on multiple ways to use each item in the box. We just got our 2nd Kiwi Co Panda Crate in the mail for the girls and have been loving it! This is a great affordable gift idea that can last all year long! Use code KELSEYB for 50% off your first order!

Picnic Basket Shape Sorter

My friend Aimee got this fun shape sorter for my girls for their 1st birthday and the are obsessed! The love the little fruit shapes and fun sounds on the toy.

Pop Up Tent

Little forts and areas to explore are so much fun for kids. I recently got this one for my girls! We have a teepee we set up often. Its so fun to see the girls on in and out of it and have so much fun! I love how all the tents/pop up teepees are easy to store now! My mother in law has this one at her house my girls love to! Plus its on sale for $19.99.


I searched for hours trying to find the perfect walker for my girls. Sturdy, durable, wouldn’t roll to fast, easy to store, cute, and affordable were all things I was looking for. This was a tall order but, guess what?!?! I found one! For $39, made of wood, super cute, folds, and rolls great on wood and carpet! A stroller or shopping cart is a fun option to!

Pillow Chair/DockATot Grand

Recently I got a pillow floor chair for my girls. They love rolling all over it. When I bought it at, the cashier said her daughter had one and was obsessed! Another fun option could be a DockATot Grand. This one is a little pricey, but it is so much fun and worth the money! My girls both sit in the same DockATot and love looking at board books.

Buckle Toy

Anyone else’s kid fascinated with buckles?!?! After every meal my girls love playing with their buckles on their high chair. A friend recommend this toy for my girls (also comes in a dino, lion, unicorn) and I got it and they love it! They love it so much in-fact, I bought 2 of them! I usually only get one of a toy, but this one called for 2.

Play Table

My in laws wanted to get my girls a play table for Christmas and I thought it was the best idea ever! This is the one they got my girls. I am so excited to have a space for the girls to color, have tea parties and so much more!

Wood Puzzles

There are lots of great puzzles out there, but the one I am going to recommend I love it for a few reasons. One, its really great quality, super cute, and its a sensory toy as well as a puzzle. My mother in law got this puzzle for the girls for their first birthday and they love it! The puzzle pieces are the perfect size for little hands too!

Finger Puppets

This will be the best $5 you have ever spent! These finger puppets work great for bath time, puppet shows, and all around fun! They are the perfect size for little hands to carry around as well. My daughter Scout loves carrying a little item around with her and these little finger puppets are usually what she is carrying.

Baby Dolls

I had boughten a few baby dolls for my girls to play with in the future, but had the dolls in the girls play room. Well, I didn’t realize that at such an early age my twins would love playing with dolls. They love seeing what clothes the dolls have on, feeding the baby play food, and pushing the baby doll in a stroller. If you are into sewing, making doll clothes could be a really fun gift too! Here are the patterns I bought for these dolls.

Board Books

I could list a million books my girls love, but I will just put our top two favorites right now. First up, Noisy Farm. This is a touch, feel, sound book! Next is Wheres The Pirate? This books are sensory books as well with felt flaps. The last page has a mirror that my girls love seeing themselves in. I also love that they come out iwth the

Wooden Stacker

There are lots of fun wooden stackers out there but I love this fun snowman one. I got this for my girls and I love how the pieces are bigger and don’t easily get lost. Plus this snowman is perfect for winter time! My girls also have this Carrot/Bunny stacker and love it!

Rolling Toy

Anything on wheels is super fun for toddlers! As they are learning to move things, its super fun to have toys with wheels. I got these ones for my girls that have big wheels and made of wood. They work super well and fun to roll around.

Leaning Tower

I just ordered one of these for my girls and have not used it yet, so I didn’t add it to the graphic, but I keep hearing amazing things about these! It’s pretty much a step stool with a protective railing around it so your kiddo can “help”out in the kitchen, or reach the bathroom counter to brush teeth, wash hands, etc. This could be a great gift for your babe to feel part of everyday things!

Thanks so much for stopping by today for our gift guide for toddlers. Every single item on this list my daughters have been using in our own home and love! We hope that you love them too! Hope you have a great day!


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