Mickeys Halloween Party!

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Shirt: Levis
Jeans: Levis
Dress: Taylor
Disney Purse: Dooney and Bourke
Lipstick: Mac-Neon Orange
Extensions: Bellami Hair
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! How fun is it that Halloween ended up on a Friday?!  Jake and I are beyond excited to pass out candy to the neighborhood kids tonight! I am going to spend the day decorating the front porch and getting ready for trick or treaters! Wahoo!
Last week Jake and I got to go to Mickeys Halloween Party to celebrate the holiday season! My cute mom, sister Amber and her son Bryce got to come join us!  We have fun every year at Mickeys Halloween party but this year topped them all!
Do you ever have those days where everything went beyond perfect? Well today was one of those days!  With our Mickeys Halloween Party they gave us free parking, we scored and got free lockers (to store all our candy :), no wait times on all the rides, ate so many yummy treats, saw Agent P, and of course had the best company around me!  I cant not help but be so happy when I am with my family!  We had such a blast we at the park, we were the last car left in the parking lot!
A highlight of the day was when Jake and I ran into the hat store on main street to see if they happened to have any Halloween Mickey ears left! We knew it was a long shot since they always sell out in the beginning out October but we thought we would ask and see.  Sadly they were out of Halloween Mickey ears, but….a cute cast member over heard us asking and said, I have a surprise for you two!  She had tucked 2 away for a special couple and she let us have the ears!  It was the best surprise ever! I love the cute little bat on the ears, and they glow in the dark!
 We were all laughing so hard all night because we were the crazy people carrying HUGE bags of candy and running to the next candy stop 😉  So worth it!  This year they had a Disney Annual Members Pass Holder special trick or treat line and they handed out Mickey Rice Crispy Treats and cute bags! It was so awesome!  I love trick or treating at Disneyland!  There is something so magical about it! I love that they also hand out healthy snacks!  We not only had tons of candy, but carrots, apples, pretzels graham crackers, crasins and more! I feel like we have lunch snacks for months to come!
I have dying to wear my glow in the dark Palladium Boots for a fun evening out, and was so excited to wear them to Mickeys Halloween Party!  It was so fun to always see where I was walking and see the shoes glow on the rides!  Jake now wants to get a pair 🙂  That would be fun though, then we could be matching!
When we got home from Mickeys Halloween Party we weighed our candy and were shocked at how much it all weighed! Jake and I came in at a combined candy weight of 26 pounds!  Bryce and Amber came in at a combined candy weight of 31 pounds! So much candy!!! Bryce and Amber kept trick or treating while we watched the fire works and the parade and they stocked up!
Well, I cant wait to go to Mickeys Halloween Party again next year! If you want to see some more Mickeys Halloween Party Fun here are some links to the past few years we have gone 🙂
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Disneyland Mickey Halloween Party 2014
Disneyland Mickey Halloween Party 2014
Disneyland Mickey Halloween Party 2014
Disneyland Mickey Halloween Party 2014
Disneyland Mickey Halloween Party 2014
Disneyland Mickey Halloween Party 2014
Agent P Meet and Great at Disneyland
Palladium Boots Atmos Glow in the Dark Shoes
Disneyland Mickey Halloween Party 2014

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