decapitated heads,DK, shepdogs, and a luau

Sunday morning, Jake and I got ready for church and headed out to leave, and we saw this……Mannequin heads all over my car! Oh, I was laughing so hard! I was so happy about this! Stacey and I used to put mannequin heads all over each others rooms and Stacey came in the middle of the night and mannequin headed my car! She is the best. Sadly it scared my landlord a bit…but she thought it was funny once it was daylight. Now it is time for me to plan a attack of heads on Stacey! This was a great way to start the day off.

Stacey and Megan came over in the evening to start our Donkey Kong Marathon! We ate Digorno Pizza and Cookies and it was the best this ever! I am defiantly buying tons of Digorno Pizza and Cookie boxes from now on! We ate junk food all night, had a blast talking and having fun,but most importantly….playing Donkey Kong. Stacey didn’t realize how serious Megan and I were when we played and I think we scared her a little bit. She didn’t know that we consider this game a sport.

Stacey left around 11, because she was going to hike Timp at 4am, so Megan and I watched Hocus Pocus. What a great movie! We were laughing so hard the whole time! We tried watching Gremlins, but it just wasn’t working for our mood. Hocus Pocus was where the magic was at. Then we fell asleep and then woke up in the morning and played more Donkey Kong! It was such a fun sleep over! Watching Hocus Pocus also got me super excited for Halloween! I LOVE holiday season!

Monday afternoon Jake and I went to Soldier Hollow to watch the Sheepdog Competition. I head about this event and I knew I had to go!!! I had heard sheepdogs were really awesome to watch, let me tell ya, they are! I was loving every minute of this! Perfect overcast weather out, watching cute puppies and being in suspense of seeing what was going to happen! I was amazed to see one small dog, round up eight sheep from one area on a top of a hill, get them to go through some gates and come down hill, then the dog runs half a mile up another hill to gather 8 more sheep and those sheep run through some gates and come down hill, the dog gets all 16 sheep together, then separates them to have 5 sheep with red collars and gets them into a little pin. It really is amazing! We saw some awesome stuff today! We even got to see the winners preform that won the competition. I am really impressed with these sheepdog and their owners. Some serious skill. It was so fun watching sheep herding. I can’t believe how fast everything happened to. These are some seriously talented dogs. The course they preform on is huge and they do it with such precision and time effiecency.
I feel like I could watch this sport everyday! It really is super neat! It is really entertaining too! I want to go to another sheepdog competition!
After watching 3 dogs round up sheep we went on an adventure exploring Solider Hollow in Heber where the event was. They had tons of vendors out selling items, great food places, (we ate a lamb and veggie meat pie, It was great!) There was the cutest baby ponies! This one on the top left was so dang cute! I think he was the size of a small dog he was so little! Then there were lots of husky dogs out that pull sleighs. Awesome! Beautiful dogs.
Next we got to watch some awesome dogs do tricks at the Muau Wowie Luau! These dogs were awesome! All the dog performers were rescued off the street, from pounds, or search and rescue. They all did a great job! I didn’t know dogs were so smart, talented, fast, agile, ext.

On that top Left picture, the cute dog jumping there is jumping 60 inches high! That is so high! He just jumps from a short running start and goes for it! I think he could win the high jump in the olympics.

Next event we went and saw is dogs jumping in a large pool and seeing how far the dog could jump! Wow this was awesome! The trainer would have the dog run for its toy and the dog would jump so high! Dogs love their toys. It was amazing to see some of the dogs catch the toy in the air.
We saw a dog jump 26 feet and 8 inches! Holy cow! Thats amazing! They said only one other dog that week jumped that far! That is true puppy power! I didn’t want to leave, I was having so much fun watching all the dogs! But it was time to go! I hope I can go to the Sheepdog Event next year! Its fantastic!
After a great afternoon watching cute dogs, Jake and I headed to Thanksgiving Point to meet up with Jakes parents for a Luau. Jakes parents were so sweet and got us tickets to go to this fun event! I was so glad we got to go! Its been really fun having Jakes parents live close by us because they are always in the mood to do something fun and find great ideas to do! 
We had a great Luau dinner of pork, teriyaki chicken, salad, macaroni salad, pineapple, watermelon, rice, rolls, and coconut cupcakes! I thought the food was really good. I think we all enjoyed it! After dinner, we got ready to sit back and watch a show.

Jakes mom brought lots of yummy treats to snack on! It was fun sitting on a hill on a cozy blanket and watching some hula dancers. They did dances from different Polynesian Islands. They had lots of audience participation to! A man even proposed to his now, soon to be wife! There was even had a flame thrower!

This was an amazing day! We got to have the funnest day ever! I am not ready for summer to end! This was an awesome Labor Day! I was grateful Jake had the day off and we were able to play together, and spend some time with his parents.


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