Christmas Decor

My mom is the best decorator ever! Some of my favorite memories growing up is my moms holiday decorations. I took a couple of pictures of the christmas decor to remember these fun times. I am bummed I forgot to take pictures of my moms cute Christmas winter wonderland kitchen. Next year Ill make sure to get some!

See mine and Jakes picture on the wall down below on the right? We made the family wall! ha ha

I made these felt hand puppets when I was 8! I had fun seeing them and thought they were cute! I want to do a puppet show with them!

My mom filled up tons of shelves with Nativity’s. She used to collect Nativity scenes.

She even has bins of stuffed christmas stuffed animals all around for the grandkids to play with.

My mom loves her flying Santas! I LOVE being home for the holidays! My mom always does such an amazing job to make it such a special time for everyone!


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