Largest Gingerbread Land and Valley of Lights

Thursday my mom, Jake and I had the whole days to ourselves at the cabin! We had so much fun spending the day out and about in Prescott Arizona. My mom really likes a restaurant called Bin 239 so we went to give it a whirl! It was delicious! We got a ruben and pizza!

Walking around the court house area having fun looking in all the boutiques and shops.

Getting some chocolates from a chocolate store.

Jake tried a blueberry bark.

We went to a new store that was full of all kinds of balsamic vinegars and oils to try! We bought a lot of fun flavors we liked to take home!

Mom and I and our new hats!

There is the cutest older homes in Prescott that are done up so nice that I want to live in.

Every year at Buckeyes Casino is there is a huge gingerbread display. I think that is one thing I miss out on not living in a small town, is not being able to make cute gingerbread houses for a community activity.

After a great time seeing the gingerbread homes, we headed over to “Valley Of Lights!” It was so cute! You can drive your car and see all the lights! We loved it! I really liked all the lighted archways.

The lights were awesome! It was a great activity! I would highly recommend it! I want to go back and do this again next year!

Next on our list was going to the movies! We saw Mission Impossible 4. It was fun! It was very action packed and lots of killing. It was entraining and had some fun twists.

We went to Harkin’s theater and it was decorated so cute outside! I love how so many places are decked out in Christmas lights! It is fantastic! I really feel it spreads some serious holiday cheer.

On our way home we went and looked at the Court House lights! They did an amazing job with it! Every side of the courthouse was decked out with lights! There every tree had colored lights wrapped around them, and even a big manjor scence. They did a wonderful job. Go Prescott AZ!
Phone cameras do not do pictures justice of how awesome pictures really should be!

After a great day, we went home and all snuggled on the couch and watched some tv episodes! Then we watched Mission Impossible 2! It was a great evening! I love going to the cabin!

Friday we headed home! On our way back we got subs, ice cream and frys at one of our family favorite places, Nielsons Frozen Custard! Love it there!


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