Dana Point

Recently I got to go meet up with two of my sisters, their kids and my cute mom in California!  We all had a great time laughing, playing, staying up late, and spending some time out and about. Our first day, we went to Dana Point. We at on the boardwalk/pier and got the most amazing grilled cheese sandwiches, hummus and smoothies!  Seriously, killer grilled cheese sandwiches! So yummy! After eating we went and looked at the pirate ship, and went to the shore line and played in the water! It was a beautiful day out! I LOVED all the amazing succulents they had planted around the pier. They were super unique and pretty. 
dana point, california, hummus, hummus spread
grilled cheese, dana point, california
turtle, shells, shell turtle
My nephew Shane bought us all a little shell turtle at a gift shop! We all loved them so much, especially the kids! Reid and I played in the grass with our turtles for hours 🙂

6 thoughts on “Dana Point

  1. Dinah Gacon

    Get outta town that grilled cheese looks amazing…no wonder you loved, hehe!!! Isn't it great being with fam and just enjoying everything around you? Love it!!!

    xo Dinah @ Sunshine super glam

  2. P.

    I must be hungry because all of a sudden I want a pannini like the one in the picture, and it's all I can think of! LOL

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}


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