You are what you eat :)
in and out burger animal style double double burger
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mens fashion

White Faux Leather Jacket: Sheinside c/o
Burger and Fries Tank: Forever 21
Rocket Leatherette Jeans: Citizens of Humanity
Spiked Gold Loafers: Steve Madden
Jacquard Bowler Bag Medium: Prada

Double Breasted Pocket Jacket: Banana Republic
511 Jeans: Levis 
Chuck Taylor Sneakers: Converse

Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat?” Well if that saying is true, I would be an In N Out Double Double burger animal with extra spread.  It really is my weakness! I eat them way too much!  When I saw this tank at Forever 21, I knew I had to get it! I guess I probably shouldn’t wear my love of burgers, but I couldn’t help it! Is there anything you love to eat and couldn’t live without?!

11 thoughts on “You are what you eat :)

  1. Marinda

    I LOVE your tank! I'm right there with you – an In-N-Out burger and some fries is my weakness. It's even worse now that I live in Arizona and they're everywhere!

  2. Carylee

    OK A) my mouth is watering, thank you very much and B) only you can make a food top and photo shoot freaking adorable! Love you guys!

  3. Rachel Porter

    HAHAHA You are the cutest ever! UGH I just had a salad and carrots for lunch, and I'm still starving. I want a burrrger!

  4. Lisa Sweiback

    Oh I love that!! Thank you for sharing your love of a good burger bc goodness knows I, myself have the same weakness lol! Great photo's too! 😉


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