Winter Fringe

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Wildfox Effie Pullover Sweater
Wildfox Effie Pullover Sweater
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Pants: Levis
Purse: Burberry
Lipstick: Mac-Blanketty
Sweater: Levis
Shirt: All Saints
Jeans: All Saints

25 thoughts on “Winter Fringe

  1. Elegance and Mommyhood

    How fun is that sweater Kelsey. I have a summery version of that sweater from Zara, in white with cap sleeves. You too look so cool and cozy.

  2. Shoshana

    First of all, the jumping in the air shot? Really? I love that you guys have fun with your photo shoots. Aside from that, the tassle sweater…. outstanding. Tassle are all the place these days but you made sure to be original as possible. I suppose many will follow your style and take on your taste and I can see why.

  3. Shveta Sontakey

    You two are officially the cutest!!! I recently turned my husband onto revolve as well, it's crazy how amazing their selections are for both men & women! Love both of your outfits on you, simply stunning couple <3


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