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Bear World has been on my bucket list to go to, ever since I went to school at BYU Idaho. When my mom drove me up to school, we saw a sign for Bear World, and I knew someday, I had to go there. That was over four years ago that I was first aware of Bear World. Since that time I have had dreams about the wonders of Bear World. I had many ideas of what happened at Bear World. I knew it would be amazing……but I had no Idea how amazing. Lets put it this way….You are driving to Bear World, and you are soooooo excited to get there. On your way, you get pulled over by a cop with a hat that is a foot tall about twenty miles from Bear World.. He gives you a ticket for speeding. You feel that you didn’t deserve the ticket. You drive off your steam. As soon as you see the Bear World sign, all your worries are gone. You forget you got a ticket, you forget about the mean cop,and the tears that were swelling in your eye ducks, immediately disappear. That’s how good Bear World is! Its where all your wildest dreams come true!
I want this sign on my front door.


The entrance!!!!


I would only hope death would be involved.  Jake, Tuna and I were willing to take some risk for an adventure with real live bears! When you drove into the park, you would get to stay in your car, and drive threw a Yellowstone Bear Park! Not only did they have bears….they had other cool animals! Here is what we saw!!!!


Beautiful white coated mammals. ( I make up things like this when, I don’t know the proper name for something. Lets just keep that our secret though.) I really did think he was cute though.


Bambi hiding!


Bambi’s baby, Bambi junior! Remember when Bambi’s parents died? That was sad. I am glad their generations have come to Bear World to survive.


The white alfa male. He would do this weird shake, and move back and forth. It was actually scary. Jake and I watched for a bit until he sacred us off.


Bear in the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was so cute! He was a grizzly! He was playing with a log. When the log popped out of the water, it was huge! It really had to be four feet wide. That is a heavy bear to keep that log sunk. Here are some more pictures of our bear encounters. I wish I could explain the excitement, and pure joy I felt at this time. My only advice is, GO TO BEAR WORLD!
White wolf! There were  three wolves that lived with the bears.
The bear is sooo close to our car!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo happy!
A bear passing in front of our car! He is fearless! I wanted him to come closer so I could pet him out the window.
Thanks for the nice wave Mr. Bear.
Wow. So much action happened when we drove threw the bear park. We were allowed to drive in it as many times as we wanted, so we drove in it again! I want to live at Bear World. I am now going only refer to, Kelsey the bear trainer. Tuna loved seeing the bears. Since he didn’t actually get to touch one, he wanted to sit on this bear, to try and get the effect of how it would feel to touch one.


hahahah, funny Tuna!


Inside the walking park was soooo neat! There were baby bears, a bear gift shop, bear food, fish pond, petting zoo, rides, spinning bear tea cups, a giant moose! and more! If all of this does not make you want to fly to bear world today…somethings wrong.


baby sleeping bear


spinning bear tea cup


Playing with the goats in the petting zoo!


I think goats have really cute little mouths.


My bearded friends.


Turkeys! And they would let you touch them to!
Jake wanted to touch a deer so bad. He was scared they would run away from him, but they are so used to visitors, Mr. Deer let Jake pet him.


Tuna made a new friend.


lick, lick, lick


Jake tried to feed the deer. He wouldn’t have it. Sorry Jake. Next time.
Thats a big feather. Jake touched a Duck.


A harry, muddy pig. He was cute. Jake was loving petting all the animals at the zoo.


chuwbacka chickens


bear time


intimate bear talk


playing king of the log


kneeling to the king


giving the bear servants, royal titles


Bear World is not complete until you become a true bear yourself.




I think these may be rainbow trout. I made that one up again.


a moose hat


can you find Tuna? Its like Wheres Waldo.
Round two driving threw the park! This was sooo awesome!


Buffalo wings!!!!!!
After drive two, Jake and I went back to the park, because Jake bought tickets for us to feed the baby bears!!!!!!!!!! When we fed them we were not allowed to bring our camera in, but we got pictures of us feeding them, I just need to scan them in. There I will right about how rad it was to feed baby bears with a bottle. Best idea ever Jake!


After a magical day of Bear World, it was topped off with a quick drive threw Rexburg, Idaho. I showed Jake the temple they finished there a few years ago, and BYU-I campus, and Nauvoo Housing where I used to live. They were building on, and adding more housing complex. Rexburg is turning into a large area! Neat! Then Jake and I got some candy and drinks at the Chevron, and headed out to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!!!!

Thanks Jake for being the sweetest boyfriend ever! You helped me cross something off my bucket list, I had really wanted to do! Bear World was a blast! Thanks babe!

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  • Kimball
    October 3, 2010

    We want to go to Bear World now after this fantastic post! We are sorry that you got a ticket. Just the thought of you with tears in your eyes makes us sad. We love the picture of Tuna with his head in the bear body. A perfect family photo.

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