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Ok so cute Staceypants! She got balloons and put them on my door for when I left out the door I would have an awesome surprise! She also got me the cutest scarf from Gap that I loveeeee! Perfect way to start a great day!
Jake got me the new Donkey Kong and a cute pink controller!!!!! Lets not forget the super sweet note to! Jake also got me the cutest yellow dress (which is in the utah bridal pictures) and the cutest orange skirt (which is in the bridal shower pictures). I have the sweet soon to be husband ever! He gave me the clothes at the first of the month to enjoy all month. Good thinking!
Jake and left for California after my Statistics class at 9:00 of course. We had a great Burger King Breakfast at the airport as we waited for the plane to arrive.
Tuna is so excited to go to Disneyland for the Day! What a Beautiful Sunrise!
On your birthday you get special birthday privileges. I got two cool quacking and mooing pens to match the oiking pen mom got me! Family was calling all day to say happy birthday to! That was fun! My aunt LeeAnn and Uncle Steve even called from New York! Best family ever!
Ahhh!!!! We are finally here!!! Wahoo! Were starting the day off at California Adventure! Mom was so kind and picked us up at the airport! I am so excited to play with 3 of my favorite people today! (Mom,  Jake, and Tuna) and see dad later!
This could not be any better having Disneyland decorated in Christmas spirit! Thanks Walter.


This was the funnest day at Disneyland. We did alot of fun things that we don’t normally do at Disneyland. We watched alot of fun shows! Here we are at Mickeys Dance Crew. He was quite the dancing machine.
Tuna Was loving the Dance show! Mom was the best! She took all these great pictures for us! We need some of her!
We saw Mr. Incredible. His biceps really were incredible! And squisy!


Tron is going to come out soon! California adventure was covered with Tron stuff!
We went and talked to a sea turtle. He was really good at memorizing names and telling us cool things about turtles.


Cool disney play room.


This was a cute little kids drawing that spun around and made a person wiggle and dance.
We went into the animation studios and had some fun! It showed how alot of things were drawn and created!
We did a cool test to see what disney charter we were most like.
Kelsey = Dot
Jake = Jiminy Cricket
Mom= Nala


We sang along to ursala and she told us if we were good or not. That was fun! Well have to practice before we go next time.



We got to see the Aladdin play. It was fantastic! and we got amazing seats to! It was like a full blown broadway production. It was great! I would see it again anytime!


During the play…….Thats princess Jasmine.


Tower of Terror. Never disappointing.


Bread bowls for lunch! Always a favorite!



Disney parades are the best! They always put on an amazing show. We just left California Adventure and are welcomed into the Disneyland Theme Park so kindly with all of the music and holiday decorations.
Thats a large christmas tree!


My cute mom! She is the best ever! I love when I get to spend time with her! She is the funnest to be around and makes everyone smile!


Mickey reefs (dont know how to spell) The Christmas decorations were spectacular! If anyone has not been to disneyland during the holiday times, I would say….GO!



Haunted Mansion is always a fun ride. Every time I go on this ride and Pirates I remember the fun time when my dad and I came to Disneyland together just by our selves and went on space mountain, haunted mansion and pirates at least seven times each. Disneyland always brings up so many wonderful memories.
The Castle has never looked so fabouls! Truly a fairy tail! And lets not forget the fake snow that goes off around the castle. How dreamy for a California kid.




Its a small world was so cool! The outside look fabouls, and they also redid the inside holidayish. It was so cute!
A trip to disneyland is not complete with out a Mickey pretzel, churro and pickle!
Songs would play at Its A Small World and….
It would change colors!
and more cool colors!
Even all the cool cut out plants were decorated so nicely.
Then we got to catch a firework spectacular!
Fireworks! After there was a light snow around Disneyland! Perfection! along with carmel apples and chocolate turtles.
The Christmas tree lighted at nighttime! Now back over to California Adventure to enjoy a show.
Waiting for World of Color show to start! Mickey looks awesome!
Isnt taht cool? That is all water! It is Jasmines castle in Aladdin. The water provided a solid background for color and Disney movie clips.


This is Pocohantus’s valley. She is about to jump off the water fall.


I really enjoyed the show! We all liked it! The only weird parts were when a scene of Mufasa dying and a weird Fantasia Demond scene was shown. Besides that it was wonderful! So cool! The sound system was amazing! After the show, California Adventure was closing down so we headed back to Disneyland for a few last rides! Wahoo! My family is party people! I love it!
Corn Dogs from the corn dog cart is the best ever! We all split a corn dog and it was the perfect amount of grease and hot dog! Oh the food at Disneyland is wonderful!
One last ride in Space Mountain. Jake was scared that I would loose Tuna if I held him, but Tuna insisted he would be fine and wouldn’t get lost. As in the next picture you can tell he made it!
My cute mom, and Tuna sitting on a Mickey bench. Isn’t is amazing how Disneyland can get anything made in Mickey shape? So neat! (Notice moms cute Mickey Mouse Mittens).

After arriving home, dad was up waiting for us! It was wonderful to see him! He was so cute and had a present for me! It was a beautiful necklace and bracelet! He is always so thoughtful. Then we all stayed up for a bit talking and having fun!

Saturday stared off at a wonderful lunch at BJ’s Brewery! There pizza is amazing!!!!!! On accident they messed up on our order so we got a southwestern style pizza and a buffalo pizza. Both were great!
Then a special birthday pazocookie! Yum!


Blowing out the candle! Then after a yummy meal, we went to Nordstrom Rack to do a little shopping! Mom got me some super cute new Seven Jeans and gray floral cardigan! Thanks so much mom! Then we went over to the mall and got some new make up! Always exciting! Then we went to the movie theaters where dad met up with us and we saw the new Harry Potter movie #6…or 7. It was good. I was super jumpy the hole time, but it made me want to see the last one for sure!
Then my cute parents took us to a wonderful dinner at Paradise Island. It was really good food!
We got another birthday brownie and ice cream! So good! This seriously was the best birthday I have ever had. It was all so dreamy and such a great time! I don’t want to go back to school! The weather was so nice in California!
On our plane flight home, I was craving jolly rancher sours and they are impossible to find. We had a lay over in Vegas and guess what???! They had them there! Thanks Vegas! We also got some yummy pretzels and fresh lemonade to enjoy before our next flight!
Flying over the strip. Love Vegas!
Getting back we saw that it snowed a little bit. Jakes car got hit and so he had a rental car for bit. Isn’t it cute?! Now back to school for a day (for Statistics class) and then off to Arizona for a bridal shower and Thanksgiving!
Best calendar ever! My roommate Megan got this for me for my birthday! She didn’t even know that as a child I had a pig obsession and collected pig memorabilia. Marin made me the cutest card with my last name on it but for some reason it didn’t load on here. I have the greatest friends ever! Jakes family also sent a really cute birthday package! It even had a cake mix in it to make a cake and eat it! We did! I don’t know why that picture didn’t load either?
When we got home from Disneyland Dad has this cute bag with this beautiful necklace in it! A bracelet to, but I had it on and forgot to take a picture of it! I have the sweetest dad ever! This seriously was the best birthday ever! I got to see so many people I love and spend it with my family! That is what I call the best birthday ever!

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