Utah State Fair/ Weird Al Concert

Monday was a great day! After Jake shaved his beard, we headed up to Jakes parents house to go with them to the State Fair! I was really excited to go and was looking forward to the fair!

At the fair there are tons of cool things to look at and see! We first saw the chickens/ducks and then rabbits! We saw one rabbit that was huge! I didn’t know their were giant rabbits! I thought the chicken in the top left, his white gobble thing looked like a Harbro gummy treat.
Look at this huge pumpkin! Imagine making this one a jackolantern! Almost 900 pounds! That is huge!
I thought these veggie creatures were to cute! Some kids did a really good job on decorating them.
Next we saw sheep and goats! There was one that kept putting his head through the fence to say hi to Jake. I think she liked him.
Next we saw dairy cows and beef cows. The diary cows were huge! I didn’t realize how big cows can get. The sleeping one down on the left picture, was so cute. Looked cozy to nuzzle up into.
Baby pigs! Oh so cute! They were all running around squirming to get milk! So cute! One of the pigs got stepped on by his moms foot and the babies foot was gushing blood. I was crying. It was to traumatic for me. I hope the mom will lick it clean and help it get better. I want a baby pig.
Next we headed over to the ice cream festival! Jakes dad was in heaven! There were lots of ice cream vendors and you could eat all the ice cream you want! Creamies, chocolate bars, scoops of ice cream, topping bar….awesome! We had fun eating lots of ice cream! Delicious!
Next we saw some rodeo cow round up. It was like sheep herding, except for people on horses and herding the cows to a pin. It was fun to watch!
Then we rode on a fun slide! Jake won.
Pretty carnival view from on top of the slide. You can see the Grand America hotel in the Salt Lake background.

We tried some..I don’t remember the name of this item….its a whole potato fried and cut apart, its like crispy potato chips, but some softer, and you can put whatever flavoring you want on them. They were delicious!

I got a yummy foot long corn dog! I love carnival fried food! Yes please!
Next we went and looked at flowers!

 Mini rose! This was full grown! So cute! This is perfect size for a buttoner for Tuna.

 Then we saw a lot of crafts and items made for 4-H. They were awesome! There are some really talented kids!

 This pig project would of been something I could of seen myself doing. As a child I was obsessed with pigs. I had a pig collection of pig memorbilia.

Mini cheese burgers. Nilla Waffers, Oreo Patty, fruit rollup insides, so cute.
The fair is so fun! There are a ton of things to do and see! We had a great time looking around and spending time at the fair! To top off the night we went to the Weird Al Concert!
It was a really fun concert! We were all laughing and having a fun time! My favorite song for sure is Amish Paradise.
This was a great night! We had a blast spending time with Jakes parents and playing at the fair!

When we got home, I worked on finishing some brownies we made Sunday night! Yummy!

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Utah State Fair/ Weird Al Concert