Breakfast with Minnie and Friends :)

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I was so excited for this character breakfast in the park at Disneyland!  We got to have a breakfast buffet with Minnie and her friends!

The breakfast was at the Plaza Inn! I would totally recommend doing this! So fun! I loved how Jakes mom is always wanting to do such fun things! And it was so nice to have Jake with us today!

 Biscuit and gravey, ham, sausage and bacon, hasbrowns and eggs! I ate so much bacon and sausage!

 Mickey waffle, french toast!

 Fruit, poppy seed muffin, and a chocolate croissant. They had tons of fruits and all kinds of breads.

 Delicious omelet made how you want it! I ate a lot this morning!!

 Cinderella’s Ferry Godmother

                            Gephetto and Jake

                                                                          Captain Hook!

The cute Minnie herself!
Mom and Minnie and Chip and Dale is in the far right. You can’t see his red nose from the lighting but its red!

 This is Chip because his chocolate chip brown nose. I loved his show growing up!

Eeorye! I liked this Eeorye! He was happy and not depressed.

 After a fantastic breakfast we went and rode Space Mountain and Star Tours!

 Then we saw some more characters! Queen of hearts!

 Evil man from Princess and the Frog.

Then we went over to Frontier Land and found my new favorite part of Disneyland! Its called Big Thunder Ranch. It is the cutest petting zoo! It is the funnest kids area to! You can sit on barrels and draw pictures, do crafts, and all sorts of fun things for kids! We even got to see Woody!

The whole area was decorated so cute! I wanted to spend all day here!

There were two artists there carving pumpkins! It was neat to watch! These pumpkins were so fun to look at!

Isn’t this donkey so cute??! I loved him! I could of hung out with him the whole day! He was so soft and friendly. I want a donkey now. Maybe for a christmas present?

Jake petting a goat! There were tons of goats! I lost count after 20! They were all so cute wearing halloween scarves. They were so nice and just sat there and smiled when you pet them. If I were an animal, I would want to live at Disneyland.

Is it weird I wanted to sit in here with the goats and read a book?

Well, we had lots of fun at the petting zoo! I want to go visit the goats first thing next time I go to Disneyland.

Jake got a pineapple float on our way to meet up with my family! Wahoo!

My mom was so cute and brought Brandon and Bryce to come play with us at Disneyland!!!

Bryce and Jake getting ready to take off!

Not going to lie..I was a bit apprehensive being in a car with Brandon driving. Well, boy was I WRONG! He was awesome!!!! I think I would let him drive my real car 🙂 He really did do great. He is to cute!

Next we went to play in Toon Town!

I love all the fun random things to play on and take pictures with in toon town.

Then we got yummy pickles! Disneyland pickles are one of my favorite treats!

Riding Gadgets Roller coaster!

My mom getting shocked by a electric door…

                       Jail Birds..

Next we rode Roger Rabbits ride! I forgot how wacky and random this ride is! Fun though!

Riding Peter Pans Flight. Such a great ride! This is such a handsome picture of Jake and Bryce. Jakes dad got done with work, so we got to see him and then Jakes parents went to go watch some shows. We also ran into one of Ambers good friends Sally who was there with her family, who happen to know Jakes parents from a visit Sally went on to Maryland and happened to go to Jakes parents ward and met them there! Neat huh!

Then we went to Big Thunder Ranch! Jake and I had so much fun there today we wanted the boys to see how cool it was!

Bryce has gotten so handsome and tall! I love spending time with him!

These goats were too cute! I want to add a goat to the christmas list to.

On Thunder Mountain Rail Road! Best ride ever!!!!!

Oh I love Bryce! He is too cute! This picture cracks me up.

The tortoises are my favorite part of Thunder Mountain!

Getting some yummy churros! I could eat one everyday! Probably more than once a day..

Splash Mountain was so much fun! The boys were awesome and volunteered to sit in the front! Thanks guys! I was sad I blocked moms head in this picture, or else it would of been perfect!

Trying on hats in the hat store!

Bryce was so cute and wanted to carry the yoda backpack.

For dinner we ate at the Pizza Port and got pizza! Yum! I like there pizza, but I think the salads are my favorite. I like to have a little bit of each.

Night ride on Casey Jr. Train. All the boys were in the Wild Animal cage!

Riding the carousel to top off the night!

This was a wonderful day! I had an awesome time with both my families! I was so happy to spend time with Mom, Bryce and Brandon! They are the best! Thanks for coming and playing with me! Cant wait to do it again hopefully soon!

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