Ariels Grotto

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I can’t believe in one night they can change out all the flowers from Mickey with a mask on for halloween and all orange and yellow flowers, to a white and purple Mickey! Its amazing! Friday was another magical day at Disneyland! We got to start the day off with Jakes parents and Jake and I!

Alice and the Mad Hatter came to greet those coming into Disneyland!

Hanging out at Tom Sawyers Island…now known as the Pirates Layer.

 Look at all that treasure!

 Watching a new orleans band! They even gave us some mardi gra beads!

 Getting corn dogs to start the day off right!

 These ones were the best ones I have ever had! They were extra crispy and oh soooo delicious!

Then Jakes parents got us yummy treats to! I got a carmel chocolate pretzel, Jake got a chocolate Mickey rice crispy, and mom got carmel, dark chocolate covered marshmallows! Delicious!

We got to eat our treats and watch a mens quartet. They were fantastic!

Then we went to California Adventure and went straight to the Animation Studios. We went twice and learned how to draw Jack Skellington and Winnie the Pooh.

Then we learned what charters we would be. Jake was Shere Khan and I was Dot. I would love to be Dot. I think she is so cute and fun!

Next we went to Disney Junior Live!  We have never done this before. I thought it was really cute! I liked all the puppets. I want to download some episodes of Jake and the Neverland Pirates. It looked like a show I would like. After the show, Jakes parents took off for the hotel to go mail some things for work.

Jake and I had fun wandering around and going on fun rides! Look at Jakes sad face in this picture. I was cracking up because Jake spilt Reeses Pieces all on the bottom of his bag. He was so sad.

               Tuna and Hymlic.

We found a building at the Golden Wine Vinery that had videos, pictures and models of what California Adventure is going to look like after all the construction! It will be neat! I am glad they are going to have trolleys to take you around!

 Here is what the new cars land is going to be like! COOL!

This was my first time riding King Tritons Carrousel. I loved all the cool sea creatures.

 Having fun on the Silly Symphony Swings.

Looking around at the shops! These Mickey pumpkins hats were really cute and glow in the dark!

 We met up with Jakes parents for lineard (lunch/dinner) at Ariels Grotto! I had been so excited about going here! Ever since we first started coming to California Adventure I always wondered what it was, and wanted to check it out! Now I got my chance when Jakes parents took us!

When you enter you walk down the stairs like you are going “under the sea.” Cute. And then Ariel is waiting for you to say hello and get a picture with your group!

 They started the meal off with some group appetizers.

 And some bread and dip!

 Then the brought out the main course! I got tri tip steak! I loved it! It was great!

 This was a fun eat and dine with lots of princesses. Here with Cinderella.


 Snow White.

 Sleeping Beauty!

Jakes parents changed into their costumes to get ready to go to Mickeys Halloween Party in a few hours! I thought this was a cute picture with their dresses out.

 For dessert, they brought out a variety of treats! Isn’t that all chocolate shell cool? I thought so!

To top off the meal, they gave us buttons! So fun! I really enjoyed this fun meal and entertainment and would love to do it again sometime! Thanks mom and dad! That was awesome!

On our way back to Disneyland we saw a cute blue grass band! They were really entertaining and fun to listen to!

When we got back to Disneyland, they were getting all set up for the Halloween Party! It was making us soooo excited for it to start! Wahoo!

 Riding Casey Junior Train.

This was an awesome day! I loved it, and loved that I finally went to Ariels Grotto! A highlight of the day! Now it was time to get our costumes on and let the MICKEYS HALLOWEEN PARTY BEGIN!

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