burlap countdown calendar!

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Today I worked on making a couple more ornaments. This was a narwhal I made! I love narwhals! Did you know a narwhals unicorn horn is the same material our teeth are made off, and scientists can’t figure out why narwhals have a horn? Maybe to drill through ice in the cold arctic?

Since the paper macheing was not working out….I found a great idea from younghouselove.com to spray paint and put hanging screws in the animals! It worked out great, and they actually look really cute hanging from the tree!

For dinner I made Digorno pizza and wings! It was a great! I could eat wings with every meal! Later Staceypants came over to play! She is the best! We had so much fun talking and hanging out and had another sleep over 🙂

Here is the finished calendar count down! Santa goes in the pockets to count down the days till he comes down the chimney! I need to go buy a bunch of king size candy bars to fill up the rest of the pockets!

Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holdiays!

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  • Patty C.
    November 16, 2011

    The calendar count down is absolutely adorable – Love it 😉

  • Megan Hollenback
    November 10, 2011

    oh my gosh i love EVERYTHING you make! so cute and fun! you must be a busy bee over there crafting away. haha. i wish we could together, that would be so much more fun! you should make tutorials! or an etsy shop! do you? what are you doing anyway? last thing i remember is fashion school!

deck the halls with christmas jolly!
burlap countdown calendar!