Planning a trip to Shanghai Disneyland?! Today we are sharing our favorite places to eat there and why!

When visiting Shanghai Disneyland, there are lots of fun options to eat and dine at! With so many options it can be hard to know where to eat, so today we are narrowing it down for you and sharing our top 4 places on where to eat at Shanghai Disneyland! We visited Shanghai Disneyland for 4 days so we got to eat at a lot of the food stands and restaurants but we are sharing the best of the best today!

il Paperino

Waffles galore here! il Paperino is one fun quick food stand you will not want to miss! Located near the front entrance of the park, to the left of where you walk in. The fun thing about Shanghai Disneyland is instead of Mickey waffles being popular, they are Donald waffles! You can get a traditional Donald waffle but instead of maple syrup they serve it with a seasonal flavored ice cream. The other option is a Donald waffle filled with ham slices and you dip it in cheese! Personally that was my favorite 🙂


Remys Patisserie

Remy’s Patisserie is amazing! The perfect place to grab a snack or order a ginormous crepe! You can find Remy’s when you walk into Shanghai Disneyland, walk down the main street (Mickey Street) and it is at the end on your right!

Here there are all sorts of baked goods! Mike Wizaoski bread, Mickey shaped donuts and crossants, french style bakes, Mickey muffins and more! Personally my favorite were the Mickey muffins. They had a blueberry and double chocolate that were pretty tasty! I also really loved the bunny hot dog! After trying 10+ baked goods we from here we learned they are not like in America where they are really sweet. In Shanghai they were more bread like and not sweet. We loved being able to try a variety and goodies!

At Remy’s you can also get crepes! You can choose from sweet and savory crepes! I had gotten the Nutella crepe and Jake got the Shanghai crepe. We both really liked them! Personally I like my crepes more sweet, so I would recommend the Nutella crepe, but if you want a fun experience… the Shanghai one is for you! The crepes are huge and big enough to share, or eat as a meal!


Piranha Bites

I can not say enough about how yummy Piranha Bites is! Its a little food stand located inside Treasure Island and seriously a hidden gem. You can go do the Challenge Trails and come out and get a beef kimchi wrap from here once you worked up the appetite!

When we first discovered this stand were walking by and the smell of kimchi pulled Jake in. To be honest I am not a huge kimchi fan, but the beef kimchi wrap here is incredible I ate one just on my own, and that’s saying something! The flavors of it are fantastic and it was a real winner in our book!

They also have a chicken teriyaki wrap here that was pretty good too. Personally though…. don’t miss out on the beef kimchi wrap! Plus it feels more authentic for the area 🙂 We stopped by Piranha Bites everyday for beef kimchi wrap because it was that good! YUMMMMMMM!


Royal Banquet Hall

The Royal Banquet Hall is located inside the castle and is a dining experience you will not want to miss! This is character dining at its finest and the food was all really incredible! No joke, this was our favorite meal from our trip and favorite overall experience! There are not many sit down restaurants at Shanghai Disneyland, and if you do any of them, this one is worth the splurge! Make sure to schedule a reservation in advance to eat here! You can go to the inside of the castle when the park opens and see the Royal Banquet Hall sign and talk to a cast member to make a reservation.

Here you will see the classic Mickey and crew dressed in their finest apparel. You will see appearances from Minnie, Mickey, Donald and Daisy! When a new character comes out, a royal horn will sound off and announce their arrival! It’s pretty cute! The characters come around to each table and greet you, so don’t worry, you will get to meet each character and have photo opps with them 🙂

For lunch/dinner options, it is served as a package deal for a 3 course meal. You can pick from a variety of starters, entrees and desserts. We were soooo excited to see vegetables on the menu! It was really hard for us to find veggies in this area of China for some reason. Jake and I really enjoyed everything we order here, but personally our favorite was the Cinderella’s Pumpkin with Assorted Vegetable Curry. We have eaten a lot of curry in our day, and this truly was my favorite curry I have ever eaten! Plus it was in a cute pumpkin and the rice shaped like Mickey!

The ambience here is also super incredible! They really went all out on this castle and it is a spectacular site! Ok I can go on and on… let’s just say if you plan a trip to Shanghai Disneyland, eating here is MUST DO!


Thanks for stopping by today for some Disney fun! Planning a trip to Shanghai Disneyland?! Don’t miss our Tips and Tricks for everything you need to know about the park here!

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