BEST cake pop recipe/tutorial!!!

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These cake pops are for all those who dont enjoy cake pops (and the people that like them to of course)! I usually dont like cake pops, but when I accidentally discovered a new secret.…now I like them!

Here is what you need(ingredients):
–  l box chocolate cake mix, and supplies to make a cake (eggs, oil, water)
1 can of VANILLA FROSTING. That is the secret! By using vanilla frosting, the cake pops are not to          rich and have a really good flavor.
2 bags of candy melts (any fun colors!)
 lollipop sticks
1 tbsp of Crisco

*makes about 35-40 cake pops
*cake pops are kinda time consuming! Plan ahead and have fun with them!

Here are things you dont need, but I recommend!
 Chocolate melter. This makes melting chocolate really easy and simple. You can also do the bowl and microwave method. If you do, its easy to. Just follow directions on back of candy melts.
Sprinkles! You dont need these if you want playing cake pops. Or you can also take your opposite color of melting chocolate and drizzle it over the other color on the cake pop.

1. Start off by baking a cake. You can do this the night before or the day off. Bake the cake as instructed on your cake box.

While the cake is baking, get out your other supplies. Put sprinkles in bowls with spoons, put foil on a cookie sheet, do some laundry, play hide and go seek, watch a movie, and wait for the cake.

 2. After the cake is done and has been cooled off for about 30 minutes, dump the cake into a large bowl.

 3. Use your spatula and get about 1/2 of your frosting out from the can. Put the other half in the fridge and use it for another food project.

 4. Mix, mix, mix. Mix all your frosting into the cake till you no longer see any white and it is good consistency.

 5. Take your dough and roll them into 1-2 inch balls. Makes about 35-40.

 6. Time to melt your chocolate! Put 1/2 tbsp of crisco in your chocolate before you melt it, and then melt! When it is fully melted and a creamy consistency, it is time to use your lollipop sticks.

7. Dip one end of the lollipop stick just barley in the chocolate. Then stick the stick into a cake all. Do this for all of the cake balls, and then put them in the fridge for 10 minutes to harden the chocolate. This will help secure the cake ball to the stick so they do not fall off when you dip the whole this in chocolate.

 8. Time for the fun part! Dipping the whole cake ball in chocolate! After you dip your cake pop in the chocolate, make sure to shake it against the side of the bowl to get of any excess chocolate. This will help your sprinkles not to slide off. If you are putting on sprinkles, make sure to pour them on the cake pop right after you shake off excess chocolate.

Keep dipping and sprinkling! I like to line my cookie sheet with foil, so when I put the cake pops in the fridge, it helps keep them even colder. It also makes it so the cake pops dont stick and are easy to pull off the cookies sheet. If you are using sprinkles ***Make sure to sprinkle the cake pops with a spoon. This helps to not make weird indentations and make the cake pops have a pretty appearance.

When I ran of white chocolate, it was time to move onto the blue chocolate!

Once you finish dipping all your cake pops, put them in the fridge until they are ready to serve. They will be good in the fridge for a few days if you need to make these in advance for something (or have yummy leftovers)!

When they are ready to be eaten, put them on a cute platter and enjoy 🙂 Cake pops taste best when chilled. Have fun!


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  • Anonymous
    October 17, 2012

    This will be my first time, I cook & Bake very little. When i was a little girl i loved it, baked all the time my Mother had a large family. I am a Grand Mother with GREAT Grand children, We are starting a hobbie together, my 3 year old grandson loves it,his sister 6years she takes brakes.WE are making pumkin pops & skelaton heads. wish us luck

  • taylor elaine
    January 15, 2012

    These look amazing! I've never had cake pops before but I am definitely going to try them now!

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BEST cake pop recipe/tutorial!!!