Valentines Day at Disneyland

I had the best Valentines ever this year! I got to go to Disneyland with my cute husband Jake and our good friends Aimee and Brandon Gurr! We had so much fun all day riding rides, eating food, and eating more food!

 Here is Tuna and the Indian man. I always have to take a picture of this Indian man every time I go to Disneyland.

Star Tours. One of Jakes favorites!

Getting some treats from the bakery!

I love the mickey sugar cookies! P.S. I am loving having short hair. It is so easy to do, and fun having a big change! Maybe Ill never got back to long hair…..:)

I had to get a corn dog for breakfast! Horrible, I know a corn dog and sugar cookie for breakfast, but I feel that is starting the day off right!

Yummy churros!

yummy popcorn!

Time for after breakfast tea.

Aimee and Brandon. They used the “GoPro” the whole trip and we all had so much fun with it! I think Jake and I are convinced and want to get one!

Aimee feeling sick from all the turning!

We went over to the petting zoo to say hi to the goats. I think this is currently my favorite part of Disneyland. I could spend all day in here.

Magical Disneyland Pickles!

Yummy pineapple wedge!

Pretty flowers everywhere. Next we headed over to California Adventure to go to Animation Studios!

AHHH! It was closed! Sad day! I wanted to learn how to draw a Disney Character.

I grabbed another pineapple wedge because one was not enough….they are just so delicious!

Monsters Ink. Cutest ride ever. I love Boo.

Attacking Aimee on Hollywood Tower of Terror. I like how Brandon is looking so chill. haha

Yummy churros, bathroom break and Tuna taking a rest on a popsicle bench.

Bugs land is just the cutest ever! All the details are amazing, and it does feel like I am a bug! I LOVE Bugs Land 🙂

Hymlics Chew Chew Train. Another favorite! I love when you can smell the animal cookies! and when he says…”yum, candy corn! my favorite!”

Another beautiful sunny day in California.

We got a yummy rice crispy treat and ate it real quick! 
Getting ready to ride Toy Story. Such a great ride!
Of course, Jake beat me. haha

Time to get another chimichanga!


Later we went to Downtown Disney to go play at the LEGO store and eat some dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Always a Downtown Disney must in my book 😉

I got a yummy virgin strawberry daiquiri!

Chicken tenders basket,

and a yummy salad for dinner! I love Rainforest Cafe!

Oops..had a little to much fun at the LEGO Store!

When we got home, we all busted out our LEGOS and started to build them! So fun! This was Aimee and Brandon’s first set, and for sure, not last!

Jake was so sweet and spoiled me this valentines. I got 2 new work out outfits, 2 new books, 2 awesome new LEGO sets, and a new little somethin, somethin from Louis Vuitton! Thanks so much Jakey, I love you!

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines to! Wahoo! Now time to get excited for St. Patricks Day!

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  • Bentica
    February 18, 2012

    Kels! Looks like you had so much fun at Disneyland! Your new haircut is SOOO cute by the way!

Disneyland is for lovers
Valentines Day at Disneyland