Disneyland is for lovers

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Monday, Jake and I were able to go to Disneyland with Aimee and Brandon! Oh We LOVE Disneyland! Just thinking about that place makes me so happy!

We got there before nine. Waiting for Disneyland to open!

Waiting for the park to open.

We ran straight to Pirates because we all wanted to go on that first, and felt deprived when it was closed all October, November, so we needed to ride it a bunch to make up for it. Of course…..closed in the morning. But its ok…we headed over to some other rides.

This is my kinda day at Disneyland 🙂

Riding Big Thunder Mountain! A personal favorite!

Then we all got Chiminchangas and sat and enjoyed them. I forget how much I like the Chimis and need to get them more at Disneyland.

I love how Disneyland always has pretty flowers everywhere!

A cute mom took our pictures and she was making us laugh so hard! She was like, put your hands in the air, jump, dance, she was so fun. I want to be like her when I have kids 🙂

A day at Disneyland is not complete with out churros!!!! We all agreed, we think the best churros are made by the churro cart by Haunted Mansion. Tuna really likes Aimee. They had fun together this trip.

Jake got a mint julep! Can you tell, our trip was food focused…….

On Space Mountain and it broke down! They turned on all the lights! When it got working again, we got to ride it again! It was awesome!

Hanging out with Aladdin and Jasmine.

Dole Pineapple Whips, always delicious!!! I always just want to get the ice cream, but I love the pineapple juice, so a whip it is!

Jungle Cruise

For lunch/dinner we ate at Blue Bayou. We all got the Monte Christo Sandwich! Wowzers! It is delicious, HUGE, greasy and really feeling! I would recommend it!

Leaving Disneyland to go to California Adventure.

I loved how they made Mickey look dimensionally. All the purple flowers were raised a bit. Disneyland always does everything right.

Seeing lots of new things being built in California Adventure.

The day could of not been any more beautiful! I could not stop taking pictures because it looked so amazing out!

Did you know there was 2 seater swings? My new favorite!

Playing some games! Jake won me a pony. I named her “Aimee the Pony.”

Brandon throwing some balls to the pitcher.

Amazing night out! We had so much fun today!

Then we came home, tucked the kids in bed, and headed for the hot tub!

Then we came home and ate tons of pizza, breadsticks and chicken, and watched The Bachelor. Aimee is a big fan of the show too, so we had fun watching it together! We all went to bed sick from eating so much food, but it was worth it. haha. Time to get some rest for Valentines and Disneyland the next morning.

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Disneyland is for lovers