downtown disney afternoon :)

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I love Downtown Disney! It is so awesome and a blast! Bryce loves Build a Bear, so I thought it would be fun for us to go there before we went to Disneyland last Friday. This is the best Build a Bear ever! It has 2 floors of stuffed animals to pick from and tons of outfits of all time. And tons of special disney outfits that are amazing! I want to get the Captain Hook outfit next time! It even comes with his handle bar mustache! I like all the Disney Villan outfits! They are super rad!

Bryce and I had fun making our Build a Bears! He made a fox, I made a dino…and we also made a little surprise for Jake! (Jake didnt get to come to CA so I thought he needed a treat!)

Look at the cool red box! It is for farm animals that just came out!

The LEGO Store finally reopened! Wahoo! It was under construction the last couple times I was in California, so it was awesome to see it opened! They made the coolest Disney LEGO scenes around and in the store!

They even had places for you to make cars and race them (for free) and play! So fun!
Upstairs in the LEGO store. I was bummed by the upstairs. It just a place to play, but I thought it would be cool to be a place to have LEGO classes or secret LEGO meetings. Maybe it is though…and I dont know about it because its a secret.
I dont know if I have ever been so excited for a LEGO set to come out as this one! Since I started dating Jake, I really started to LOVE StarWars even more than I did before. We saw a preview for this set, and knew we had to get it! It came out May 4th, and good thing I happened to be at the LEGO store that day! Since we got it the day it came out, we got a limited addition silver C3PO. Cool huh? I am a little nervous for 2127 pieces! This will be a big LEGO project!

Bryce picked out a couple cute things at the LEGO store to, and then we put our stuff back in the car…and took the monorail to DISNEYLAND! Wahoo! What a great evening Bryce and I were able to have!

Here are Bryce and I’s finished Build A Bears! Bryce made a fox, and put him in a C3P0 outfit. He named his fox Timber.

I made a T-Rex dino and put her in an Ursula outfit. I thought she looked awesome. She really wears the Ursula hair do really well! I named her Tooth.

Bryce and I made Jake a Build A Bear for me to bring home to him! (He didn’t get to come play in California with us.) We made him a pig in a matching C3PO outfit! He looks rad! The C3PO outfit is pretty cool! I like the pig to. Build A Bear just came out with Farm Animals and they are all so cute and extra soft!

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  • Andrea D
    May 10, 2012

    I've never been to Disneyland OR Disneyworld. I really need to borrow someone's children so I have an excuse to go…looks like a blast!

  • Cara
    May 10, 2012

    I have never been to Build-A-Bear and I really need too! The Disney outfits are darling.

a night at DISNEYLAND with my nephew Bryce
downtown disney afternoon :)