a night at DISNEYLAND with my nephew Bryce

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Last Friday, after I picked up the boys up at school, Bryce and I headed to DISNEYLAND! Oh it was the best ever! I was sooo excited all day to go! I just LOVE Disneyland and am so happy just thinking about it! We started our evening having some fun at Downtown Disney, and then took the monorail over to Disneyland! The first thing we did was get churros! YUM!

Bryce and Mickey. The flowers always look so amazing around d-land but with it being spring time and all, everything looked beyond amazing! It was fabouls!

We headed over to California Adventure to go do some rides over there first because it closes earlier that Disneyland.

A cute couple gave Bryce and I fast passes to a ride we wanted to go on! So awesome! It was a great start to our day! Thanks nice couple!

We played some carnival games. We didn’t win anything, but we had fun.

Lunch/Dinner…..linered time 🙂

Bryce enjoying his first turkey leg ever! He LOVED it!

I got a yummy chimicanaga! Ohhh sooo goood! I ate the entire thing!

Riding the Symphony Swings! This is one of my favorite rides!

Jumping Jelly Fish!

The silver rockets…….

Icey cherry lemonade time!

Beautiful roses infront of Disneyland!

Bryce and headed straight over to the Mad Hatters before Main Street and got matching R2D2 hats! We got our names engraved in them! It was so cool to watch the machine write our names in the hats!

Now we are all ready for our Disney Adventure!

Getting a pickle to enjoy on the Jungle Cruise!

Splash Mountain is Bryce’s favorite ride!

Watching the awesome firework show! Never disappointing! Always AMAZING!

Before we left, we had to stop and pick out some yummy chocolates and carmel apples! And of course each pick out a new stuffed animal to take home to!

Taking the monorail back to our car!

Bryce eating his cake pop on the way back to the car!

I got to eat my mickey turtle! Oh it was so delicious!

When we got home Tuna got his new PJS on that he picked out at Build a Bear when we were at Downtown Disney earlier! I thought the bunny feet were so adorable!

We got home around midnight from an awesome night! All ready for bed now! I love how my dino/ursula Build a Bear turned out! I had so much fun being with just Bryce tonight. He is great to be around! I cant wait to go to Disneyland again!!!

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  • Crystal ~Skittle Bug~
    May 9, 2012

    So cute!!! Disneyland is so my happy place!! And looking at all your adorable pics made me SO HAPPY!! haha 🙂 I'm glad you had fun!!

  • Jes
    May 9, 2012

    i was seriously just blinded with so much deliciousness, i don't even know what to do right now.
    churro? turkey leg? i need to go back. now.

  • Brea
    September 20, 2019

    Super super weird question, but would you be willing to sell that Ursula Build a Bear costume? 😅

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a night at DISNEYLAND with my nephew Bryce