disneyland with the fam :)

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Last Thursday we spent our last day at Disneyland! We got to go with my mom, her friend Val (who I feel is my friend to 🙂 and Vals cute granddaughter Maddie, and my nephew Brandon!

Jake and I arrived a little early from the rest of the group, so we of course….went straight to the candy palace! Jake and I had fun watching some master candy makers make some Peanut Brittle, and our favorite chocolate pineapple wedge!

Enjoying a morning treat! Cheers!

Just relaxing and trying to build up some energy till the rest of the group gets here!

First ride of the day…JUNGLE CRUISE! My cute mom, Maddie, Brandon, Jake

To be a kid again, where it really feels the natives are shooting arrows at you….

The 8th wonder of the world! The backside of water!

Getting on the Haunted Mansion!

My favorite part of the Haunter Mansion ride!

Splash Mountain!

Maddie and Val!

I love this picture of everyone! It looks like Brandon may be the only one really enjoying himself!

Well, Splash Mountain exits near Poohs Corner..so of course we had to go get more treats! Toffee bar and honey pot rice crispy treat!

Yummy Yummy treats!

Brandon choose a Mickey Pez for his treat at Poohs Corner.

Brandon got tired. Val being a trooper and carrying him. I thought it was so sweet and cute!

Big Thunder Ranch Petting Zoo! Ah my favorite! I lovev the cute goats! They had the cutest forth of July scarves on! So festive!

Brandon loves ears, so he made sure to go around to each goat and pet its ears. So cute.

Pocahantus. A really cute Donkey!

Walking over to Fantasy Land!

Brandon so excited to be on the Peter Pan ride! I think it may be his favorite!

Mr. Toads Wild Ride!


Alice and Wonderland! This top part where it comes outside is my favorite!

Storybook land!

Brandon really thought we were going into a real whales mouth.

Brandon pointing to all the little cities. Really, how exciting it is to be a kid. Brandon was making everything seem so real and awesome. It was so cute!

Lunch time at the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe!!!

Caprezzie, motezerella, tomato, pesto sandwich! It really is one of my all time favorite things I have eaten at Disneyland! I will have to get this again FOR SURE next time I go!

Yummy Salad.

and tart..

and a Matterhorn Macaroon! Oh my gosh…let me tell ya….I do not like macaroons….but I LOVED THIS! It was like a coconut, soft cookie kind of deal and was sooo delicious!

Leaving Disneyland to go to California Adventure!

We saw Aladdin and Jasmine on our way out!!!!!! I have never seen Jasmine in this outfit! She looked so awesome! I have a crush on Jasmine!

Soaring Over California! I like seeing Tuneys head poking out of the backpack!

Brandons face in this pictures is awesome! I was trying to pretend I was sleeping. It didn’t go so well.

Jake, Maddie and Brandon wanted to ride Grizzly Rapids! They loved it and all got soaked!

All of them super wet!
I got I think my best score yet, and Jake barley beat my by 3, 000! Dang! I cant seem to break 150,00 on that ride!

Brandon likes to cross his eyes and smile…….he played in this fountain for an hour. Who needs rides when you have a fountain!

Churro time!

Jumping Jellyfish!

The Ariel Ride

Back at Disneyland…and Brandon making faces again….

How lovely! Silly boy!

Then we got treats before mom and Brandon took off home so he could get to bed! He had school the next day!

Val, Maddie, Jake and I all stayed and partied the night away!

To end the night…a pickle! What a great week at Disneyland! And it was so nice to top off the week there with awesome family and friends! Cant wait to come back to Disneyland some time soon and go to Cars Land!!!

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  • Megan Hollenback
    June 12, 2012

    i swear you are always at disney land

  • Megan Marie
    June 9, 2012

    i'm itching to go now!!! great time!


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