Moab Diner and The Rock Shop

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After skydiving, Jake and I were super hungery! I guess we worked up a hunger falling? We went to the Moab Diner and it was awesome! The service was great and all around wonderful!

Mint chocolate chip shakes! The whip cream was soooo good!

Burgers with green chili! Oh it was delicious! I would for sure eat here again!

After, we went to the Rock Shop to check out the cool dino bones and pick out some neat rocks! My family (dad especially) are really in to rocks! We love them! So anytime there is a good rock shop, we have to check it out! I feel this rock shop has an amazing selection, and really good prices.

Dino leg the size of Jake

I loved these rocks! The Jasper was so beaufitufl! We got a neat one for my dad that only had one side polished. He was so excited when he got it. He made an amazing analogy that I loved about it about life and heaven. I will have to share it sometime, it was beautiful.

Fully fossilized crab! So rad!

When we left the rock shop, a huge dust storm was on its way! Whhhhooooa!

Check out that dust moving! It was pretty cool to see! It was a wonderful day in Moab 🙂

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Moab Diner and The Rock Shop