Seattle Day 3: Pikes Place, Petunia the Pig, Post Alley, Ivars Fish Bar, Potbelly, Sushi and Yogurtland :)

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Friday we had a big full day! We started off searching for breakfast and things to eat at Pikes Place Farmers Market!

Donuts round one…

We were amazing at all the beautiful flowers! Can you see those pretty flowers, and how the entire bunch is only $5.00?!?! Amazing! I would want to buy fresh flowers every week! That would be totally worth it and a pretty table piece for each meal!

Round 2…Fresh picked rasberries were a must have!

We got some honey comb, jalepeno jam, and peaches!

Jake was so excited to see Patunia! He tried to find her last time he was in Seattle, but didn’t find her! I am glad we got to see her this time! Tuna like her.

Can I tell you how much I loved this gum alley? Growing up my older sister Cami made a gum tower. This is something I always loved and treasured. I know I am weird. The gum tower was so cool! and it was even over a foot tall! Well, when my sister Cami got married, her husband thought it was nasty and said it couldn’t come to their home. haha. So guess what? I became the proud owner of the gum tower! I no longer have it, and it was a ruff day when I had to get ride of it as well, but I will always remember that gum tower!

Walking down to the water front.

Getting ready to the aquarium! We needed to eat our treats first though!

Round 3…Honey comb! It was quite waxy..but the honey was soooo delicous!

Next we went to the aquarium! A separate blog post to come from that! To many cool animals!

For lunch Jake and I ate at Ivars again. This time we did the fast food from the outside. We split some fish and chips and we really liked it! This is more my style of seafood!

We were joined by a lot of Seagulls for lunch. All I could think abut was Alfred Hitchcoks movie, The Birds. I didn’t want to get attacked….
All over the city they have recycling bins. They mean business!

Next we went on a boat ride around the sides of the city. This was one of my favorite parts of the trip! I love boat rides, I love cities, I love sunny weather, It was perfect! More pictures to come from this to in its own blog post 😉

After the boat ride we went to Target. The city Target was so fun because it was levels and if you had a shopping cart you could take it with you on the elevator! We went on a kayak ride the next day (Saturday) but we didn’t come equipped with the items we needed for it. I needed work out clothes and shoes, Jake needed sunscreen, hat, and we needed food! We also did a bit more shopping around our hotel. I love the shopping by our hotel! I wish shopping was like this at home!

We picked up Subs to bring on our Kayak adventure the next day.

After Target and picking up subs we came back to our hotel and ate some snacks! I got a pickle and it was seriously the size of my head.

Shoes I got for our Kayaking adventure the next day. Turtle toes…I just wanted to wear my Toris, but Jake really wanted me to have comfy shoes to wear. He is so cute.

In the evening, Jake and I drove out to go see Jakes friend Jeff and Amandas apartment. It was cute. I was most excited to meet there cute puppy dog Ruca.

For dinner we went and ate sushi. I ordered a meal and didn’t realize how much food it came with…soup, salad, another salad, fried veggies, and an entire plate of sushi! YUM!

Sushi time!

After dinner we dropped Amanda off. She had a wedding to go to in the morning and needed to pack. I said bye to Ruca. She is the cutest!

Jeff, Jake and I ended the night at a personal favorite…YOGURTLAND! I will be sad when summer is officially over and Hello Kitty is gone till next summer at Yogurtland. Jake and I had fun chatting with Jeff and saying goodbye till next time. It was great to see him and catch up. Jake and drove back to the city to go to our hotel and get our gear together for our early morning kayaking trip in the Puget Sound!

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  • jes @ twosmuppies
    August 31, 2012

    since moving to portland, i haven't been to seattle yet but this post is making me think that i have to plan a trip ASAP!

  • Cara
    August 31, 2012

    1. We didn't get to visit the gum wall when we went so I will be glad to see it this next time.
    2. I have never heard of the pig before. Is there a story behind it?
    3. Any target that has levels is something I have to go to before I die! Seriously that is so cool!
    4. I've never seen Turtle shoes before, did you get them from Target?

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Seattle Day 3: Pikes Place, Petunia the Pig, Post Alley, Ivars Fish Bar, Potbelly, Sushi and Yogurtland :)