Bright & Colorful Swimsuits For Summer

Fun Swimsuits for $100

Anyone else loving Summer time!?! Currently I am almost 24 weeks pregnant and it has been so nice being able to wear summer clothes! Its been my favorite hanging out by the pool and hopping in the water to take some weight off my growing belly 😉

It’s so crazy for me to look back at these photos we took in Feburary! We took them back when Jake and I were only 9 days pregnant! We had just done our IVF embryo transfer and just found out it worked! On this trip we knew we were either going to be sad or really happy and we are so grateful we were able to go and be oh so happy! We didn’t know we were pregnant with twins at this point, but we sure hoped we were!

Outfit Details

Swimsuit: Jcrew | Pool Float: Amazon | Sunglasses: Celine | Lipstick: Mac-Blanketty

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Bright & Colorful Swimsuits For Summer