dry wall texture and doors galore!

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September 25! Whoa I cant tell you how excited I was today when I pulled up to the house and saw doors in the garage! The little ones are so cute to for little linen closets! I LOVE them! I cant wait to see them in the house! It will be weird to see doors! I kind of like the open feel with no doors, but that would be weird huh if we had no doors inside the house? haha

I was even more surprised when I walked in the house and saw the walls were textured! Oh I cant wait to see them painted!!!


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  • Caitlin Jones
    September 26, 2012

    Oh my goodness, how exciting it must be to build a home of your own! So incredibly happy for you guys!! Cant wait to see how cute and homey you will make it : )

  • erica[goodjobmomma]
    September 26, 2012

    holy hanna! so fun! this seems to be going by really quick, well i guess for the reader but maybe not for you. my brother and SIL are having a house built right now too, and it is going sooooo slow! and i guess they are a month behind now…..lame. that's arizona for ya. 🙂

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dry wall texture and doors galore!