Beach Hopping

Victoria Beach Pirate Tower
Victoria Beach Pirate Tower
Montage Laguna Beach Sunset
Dana Point Harbor Boats
Montage Laguna Beach Sunset
Victoria Beach Pirate Tower
Treasure Island Beach
Jeans: DSTLD
Watch: Apple
Dress: Wayf
Sandals: Tory Burch
Owl Puff Fob: Kate Spade
Hello from California!
Jake and I did some beach hoping and stopped at some spots we have been wanting to hit up.  We were able to be joined by my darling mom and we had so much fun spending the day with her!  She is always such great company and a blast to be around.
Our first stop of the day was to Honey and Butter for Macarons!  No joke… the best macarons and the cutest!  I have been to France several times and been to way to many french bakeries, and Honey and Butter Macarons are my favorite to this day!  The thing I love most about Honey and Butter is each day they are open, they have a theme and make different macaron characters.

Our next stop was to Dana Point Harbor for lunch.  We sat and looked at the boats and ate smoothies and grilled cheese 🙂  There is a cute bagel/smoothie shop down by the boats and for some reason there grilled cheese hits the spot every time!  Its on a sour dough bread with avocado and tomatoes, and extra delicious.

Next, we headed to Victoria Beach to check out Pirate Tower.  Its funny because in pictures it looks pretty big, but in real life it was smaller.  Its this fun abandoned tower on the beach.  Its also a great beach with small waves and tons of fun little nooks to explore, so it would be super fun with kids.
Our last stop was to Treasure Island next to the Montage.  Wow! The grounds on the Montage are gorgeous!  You walk through the grounds as you get down to the beach where Treasure Island is.  There is lots of rock formations and a neat arch which is a fun picture spot there.  The waves are also small on this beach so it could be fun for kids!  You can also have your dogs on the beach, which is kinda fun because most beaches I have gone to in California, you can’t bring your dog.
Well thanks so much for stopping by today! Hope you have an amazing week and do something fun 🙂

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Beach Hopping