Taking a road trip with a baby and wondering what toys to bring?!!? Sharing all of our twins favorites toys that keep them entertained the most!

Favorite Road Trip Toys For Baby

Over the past year my husband and I have had lots of fun going on road trips with our twin baby girls! It’s been a fun adventure all learning together and having fun on the go! As we were preparing for our first road trip, I remember looking online trying to find out what kind of toys worked good in the car for babies. To surprise, I couldn’t find anything out there! So today I wanted to share my girls favorite road trip toys when they were babies.


Isn’t this the cutest teether ever?!? Perfect for little hands to hold, soft texture and lots of great chewing spots. My girls loved these berry teethers and used them all the time as babies.


One of our sweet neighbors brought these rattle bracelets over for my girls. They would sit and look at these, naw on them, and have fun shaking their little arms. These are also super affordable too!


A friend got this octopus teether for the girls and they could naw on this for hours! We ended up getting a second one so each girl could have one. Perfect for little hands to hold and chew on.


Board books are always great in the car. This is one of my girls favorite books. It is a touch and feel book with super cute illustrations. If you are familiar with Jellycat stuffed animals, it has the softest materials in it. This book also comes in lots of other animals as well.


This crinkle astronaut book is so darling! My daughter Davey would sit and play with this book for an hour+. I think she really liked the fun colors, little pop outs and illustrations.



When my girls were 6 months old, I got them a little electronic keyboard. It has been such a hit and something they love to carry all around the house now. This was perfect for road trips to have on the girls lap. They would have fun hitting the keys and playing little tunes.


Unicorn tails is always a hit! This book also comes in a lot of other fun animals as well. This is a great crinkle book with fun “tails” that are all different textures.


A friend got this rattle teether for my girls and they loved it so much! They are 17 months old now and actually will still play with it! There are lots of fun moving parts on this, things to bite and drool all over. Its a good one for sure 🙂


These hanging toys are so much fun! I would recommend these for any car ride! Perfect to attach to a car seat or let baby hold and play with.


We are big Jellycat fans over here. They have super high quality products that are soooo soft. My girls LOVED this bunny rattle. They would play with the long ears and suck on the nose. Our rattle is now very well loved. We also had the unicorn version as well.


Isn’t this the cutest little dragon!?!? These finger puppet books are so darling and so much fun! My girls love these books and flipping through the pages.


A sweet friend got this crinkle fish for my girls. This is a great toy for babies and toddlers. As a baby it’s fun to crinkle and all the fun colors/animals. For toddlers you can use the fish as a matching game too!

Thank you so much for stopping by today for our favorite road trip toys for baby. Hope you have a wonderful day!



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Favorite Road Trip Toys For Baby