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5 Reasons We LOVE Having A BIG Dog

Posted on 6 min read 62 views

Ever wondered what kind of dog is right for you?! Today we are sharing 5 great things about big dogs! Here are 5 things to consider about a large dog, and why they ROCK!

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How I Lost 25 Pounds Without Ever Stepping into a Gym

Posted on 11 min read 433 views

Jake and I have been so excited to share this post with you all! It has been over 6 months in the making! We had realized it was really time to make some changes! Today we are sharing with you exactly how we each lost over 20 pounds and are keeping it off! Oh did I mention we never went to the gym once during the past year?! Seriously though! Come join us as we share our “secret sauce” for weight loss success!

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Winter Pusheen Box Unboxing

Posted on 5 min read 160 views

Today was an awesome mail day! My Winter 2018 Pusheen Subscription Box arrived! I was so excited about how darling this box was I had to share incase there are any other big Pusheen lovers out there! I am not kitten you….. this is my favorite subscription box I have ever gotten and can’t wait to get another Pusheen Box in the mail for Spring! Come join me as I unbox this PURRfect subscription box!

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Our Infertility Journey- Starting IVF

Posted on 10 min read 559 views

Hi Friends! Jake and I have some exciting news to share with you all today! We are currently in the process of our first round of IVF.
Before we go into documenting the IVF process, we thought we would share our infertility journey with you over the past few years and how it got the point where we knew IVF was our next step for us.

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Ring in the New Year and Achieve your Goals!

Posted on 1 min read 209 views

Hey Hey Hey!  Happy New Year!!! We are so excited for what is in store in 2019! …

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