Do you have a dino lover that wants a fun dinosaur birthday party!??! Sharing lots of fun dinosaur decoration party ideas plus links to where everything is from so you can recreate some dinosaur birthday party magic too!

Dinosaur Birthday Party

A week before my husbands birthday I asked him what theme he wanted for his birthday plates. He said dinosaurs! I started to look for paper plates and it all ended up with this dinosaur birthday party! hahaha Growing up I was a big dinosaur fan, so putting this little celebration for Jake was really fun for me. I had ordered a bit of dinosaur stuff but wasn’t to sure how I wanted to put it all together. The day of the party I googled dinosaur parties to try and find some inspiration and I hit the jack pot! I found this cute party that inspired a lot of this set up! It was fun to see I had boughten similar items so it worked out perfectly!

My goal for the set up was to feel like you were walking into the dinosaur jungle and have every angle covered. Putting together this blog post I tried to divy up the areas into sections to link the items to make them easier to find what’s what in the pictures. Hope that helps. Thanks so much for stopping by today for Jake’s dinosaur birthday party!

RAWWR Gold Balloons
Dark Green Balloons
Lime Green Balloon
White Balloons
Gold Balloons
Large Palm Leaves On Wall
Blue Dinosaur Table Cloth
Burlap Runner
Party Hats– Hot glued green card stock on them
Greenery Leaves On The Table– Cut these up
Large Brachiosaurus Dinosaur
Jurassic Park Remote Control Jeep
Dinosaur Figures On The Table

Happy Birthday Garland

Leaf Garland

Jurassic Park Dinosaur Figures (found at Target and Walmart. Linked to what I could find online) Albertosaurus, Raptor, T-Rex,

Dinosaur Party Hats- Made out of rolled paper and pom poms

Inflatable Dinosaurs

Leaves Behind T-Rex


Small Mason Jars and Large Mason Jar

Rocks– Found at Dollar Tree

Leaves– Found at Dollar Tree

Small Plastic Dinosaurs

Medium Plastic Dinosaurs

Jurassic World Honeycomb Hangers

Dinosaur Plates & Napkins | Green Silverware

Mosesorous Dinosaur | Baryonyx Grim Dinosaur

Green Dinosaur Table Cloth

Happy Birthday Cake Topper | Cake Platter

Dinosaur Themed Happy Birthday Banner

Step 2 Dinosaur Water Table

Volcano with Plush Dinosaur Stuffed Animals

Inflatable Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Wood Puzzle


Cream Baskets

Green Balloons | Lime Green Balloons | White Balloons | Gold Balloons

Jake’s Jurassic Park Shirt

Girls Dinosaur Shirts



Thank you so much for stopping by and joining in the dinosaur birthday party fun! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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