its going up…

August 30: House building is starting to seem so real! The house framing is moving up! Crazy! I am so excited! Here I am standing in the front door! It so neat to see something start to look like a home!

Walking around inside! Jake and I had fun using the little wood pieces hanging around and marking out walls and trying to get a feel of what the room main floor lay out is going to be. We also got to meet the plumer. He was driving by and saw our car and stopped to say hello! I was so glad he did! It helped us decided on which way we wanted our tubs facing and where to put the faucets!

August 31: Garage framing went up! The garage looked huge! We know it wont be this big once its all done but we liked to pretend it is going to really be a giant garage 🙂

 Hanging out in the garage. Didn’t know Jake took this picture.. but I liked it 🙂

August 31 was also a big day for some framing to go up on the inside walls of the main floor! Wahoo! Its all starting to look like a real home! So exciting! On the left on this picture above is pantry, and bathroom behind it, to the right stairs, and mud room behind that!

 Mud room..closets.. looking into the living room.

 September 4th: Support beams for the second story started to come into action! We were standing in the garage when I took this picture.

Checking out the stairs. It ended up being a little different on the stairs than all of us expected, including the builder. He was super awesome, when we called him and worked out how we can get some support beams in some other areas so we can have that top corner of the top right of the stairs so you can have some railing there. Having the wall up really seemed to close off the room. I feel so lucky who we are building with. He is super easy to work with, and speedy with results!

Support beams in the garage! I think they look cool how they look now. I kinda want them to stay looking industrial like that 😉


7 thoughts on “its going up…

  1. Anonymous

    It's so exciting for you guys !!! Have a total blast picking out all of your appliances, floors, faucets, counters, cabinets and all that junk. It's so fun. Lots O' Love, Auntie

  2. Jamie Willow

    hey there! I'll be mailing off your gift tomorrow 🙂 I haven't forgotten, I just went to Canada for two weeks 🙂

    I have another friend who is going through a build right now too, her house is just a bit further along than yours, pretty cool how fast it all happens! so exciting!


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