Halloween Time at Disneyland

Halloween TIme at Disneyland
Hope you all had a great Halloween yesterday and got to do something fun! Sorry for all the Halloween posts! I just love Halloween time, and we got to do some fun halloween activities, but they all happened to be at the end of the month! 🙂
Every year Jake and I try to go to Mickeys Halloween Party 🙂 It really is one of our highlights during the year. For one, Disneyland is magical, and at Halloween time, its unbeatable! We just recently got back from Disneyland and we had so much fun! Jake and I went with my cute mom and we all had a blast! We pigged out on yummy food and treats, went on lots of fun rides, and went to Mickeys Halloween Party! 
At Mickeys party, we watched the parade, fireworks and trick or treated for five hours! We didn’t get home till 2 am that night 🙂 It was so fun! If you ever get the chance to go to Halloween time at Disneyland, I highly recommend it! The halloween firework spectacular is my favorite! The music, to the amazing fire that shoots up is so cool! Here are some pictures we got from our fun day/night at Disneyland 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

Oh and P.S. Check out how amazing Minnies Candy Corn dress is! I was dying over it and wanted it so bad! How fun would it be to have such a cute candy corn dress to have to pass out candy to trick or treaters!?!

Halloween Spider Cake Pop
Haunted Mansion at Halloween Time
jack skellington pumpkin
tuna the monkey
monsters inc pumpkin
jack skellington pumpkin
Mickey Halloween Pumpkin
Mickeys Halloween Party
Mickeys Halloween Party
Minnie Mouse Candy Corn Dress
Spooky evening at Mickeys Halloween Party
candy haul
Since we got to go trick or treating for 5 hours, we ended up getting ton of candy! So we got a locker to hold our candy. We were laughing so hard when we realized what we were doing! I don’t think I have had such a good laugh in a long time 🙂
Sleeping Beauty Castle at Halloween Time

11 thoughts on “Halloween Time at Disneyland

  1. Amara

    how fun!!!! this is definitely on my bucket list.. i would go photo crazy, i know! i'd need to buy tons of extra memory cards. haha! great photos!!!!

  2. ElleSee

    The first time I every went to Disney World was around Halloween time. It's such an amazing experience. They really go above and beyond for everything anyway, but Halloween was even better! Love the photo of you and your mom 🙂

    LC from the world of ellesee

  3. Rachel Porter

    wow! It all looks amazing! I've always wanted to be in Disneyland around a holiday, it sounds magical! You are so dang cute, I'm glad you went to the Francesca's get together! Let's see each other again 🙂

  4. Chevron andLace

    Oh my goodness! It really does look so magical! My husband is from San Diego and his parents still live there, so it's a PERFECT excuse to make a trip up to Disneyland! Thanks for sharing!

    Sue // Chevron & Lace

  5. KevinKyla Ford

    Greatest Post EVER!! WE already have our tickets for NEXT year. With two kids 2 and Under it should be an adventure but Disneyland at Halloween is our favorite time too! The candy in the locker = SO FUNNY!


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