Its all about that FRINGE His and Her Fashion Blog
All Saints Kalai Fringe Coat
All Saints Chilton Parka Jacket
All Saints Kalai Fringe Coat His and Her Fashion Blog
Yellowstone Bison Close Up
His and Her Palladium Boots Pampa Oxford Lc
All Saints Kalai Fringe Coat His and Her Fashion Blog
All Saints Chilton Parka Jacket His and Her Fashion Blog
Fringe Jacket: All Saints
Shirt: Everlane
Jeans: Levis
Shirt: Levis
Jeans: All Saints
A few weeks ago, Jake and I went on a random adventure to Montana/Yellowstone.  We were so glad we went!  We are already planning another trip to go someday we loved it so much!  We went off season so not everything was open in Yellowstone, but what was open in the Northern part of Yellowstone was super neat to see!  Someday we hope to explore the whole park!

Jake had recently surprised me with this awesome fringe coat from All Saints.  When we both looked at this river, I was so glad I was wearing this coat!  It was the perfect place to run around in it and take pictures!  To make it even better is that we saw a bison!  I wanted to see one so bad and was so shocked we saw one within minutes of being out and exploring!

When Jake and I go on adventures we always make sure to pack some Palladium Boots!  They are always the perfect shoes to go exploring for any type of weather or occasion!  We are loving there new spring styles and the lower cuts on their traditional boot!  We can’t wait to share some more spring Palladium Boots with you all soon!

Thank you so much for stopping by today! Hope you have a fantastic week!


25 thoughts on “Its all about that FRINGE

  1. Elegance and Mommyhood

    That fringe jacket is to die for. I love that you both sort of match. Actually both jackets are awesome and I like your sneakers too. Great monochrome outfits you two!

  2. Alexandra Zakharova

    These photos are so beyond amazing!, I enjoyed each of those snapshots. The place looks marvelous and so picturesque. I have never seen a bison alive, I mean if I only saw it in the wilderness I would be extremely scared:) It was park, though. Anyway, I would love to visit that place too!

  3. 365HANGERS

    Ok wow, your jacket is seriously everything. We can't get over how perfect the fringe is!! And can't believe you saw a bison, way too cool. So glad you snapped a photo 🙂

    xx 365Hangers


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