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Leap day was a special one for me this year! I got to go with 4 girls, who I had no idea who they were till they showed up at my house to go to Disneyland together! We all had SO MUCH FUN! It was awesome! Disneyland was amazing and was open from 6am Feb 29 till 6am March 1st! Amazing! We left our hotel at 5 am to get to Disneyland.

We were shocked when we arrived at Disneyland at the crowds! Oh my! They were huge! I thought we wouldn’t make it into the park. Waiting to go through security check!

Waiting in line to get into Disneyland!

We all got cool buttons and wore them all day and night long!

Disneyland always has the most beautiful flowers.

Wow…….look at all these people at 6 in the morning.

The first thing we did was ride Space Mountain, and then got get some breakfast at the Jolly Holiday Bakery  Cafe. I LOVE Disney’s Chocolate croissants!

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle! Always fun to walk through.
It was a beautiful morning in the park. I couldn’t get over how amazing the blossoming trees were! Oh so lovely!

I love when you can capture a picture of the castle with no one in it 🙂

Ready to ride Peter Pan! Such a wonderful ride! I love all of it! I was so excited to ride this ride because I have been reading so much about Peter from my book series “Peter and the Starcatchers.”

Every detail in Disneyland is Fabouls!

So cool! The first time Disneyland has ever been open this long!

Found this awesome shirt in the Star Tours store. so funny.

I think for the first time ever, I started looking up in the stores. I am always looking down at the merchandise, and I looked up and it was amazing! All the stores are so cool if you look up!

Cute little bird hanging out with us as we got chimichangas!

Leaving Disneyland to go to….

Waiting by Paradise Pier for them to take down the ropes!

We ran straight to Toy Story so we wouldn’t have to wait in line! Best choice we made all day!

My awesome score! Probably because I was by myself so no one was stealing all my high points.

I LOVE Churros!!!!

Riding Symphony Swings and the Silver Rockets.

The Ariel ride.

I was introduced to a new treat spot! I had no idea you could get a pineapple wedge dipped in dark chocolate! Oh wow! And, a gingerbread mickey cookie that are both to DIE FOR! Really! The Dulce Aventura is right next to the Mexican Restaurant and Bread Bowls in California Adventure!

Look at these big thick cookies! Amazing!

This chocolate pineapple wedge is to good for words. I also got a mickey cake pop. He was yummy, but I would of rather gotten the Gingerbread mickey.

Animation Studios. One of the coolest places ever!

Getting ready to go to drawing class!

My first ever, Mini Mouse! I am not going to lie…I am pretty proud of this drawing 🙂

Alexis, me, Beth, Kitch

We went to another drawing class after Mini and learned how to draw Tigger!

Tuna waiting so patiently. He loves Disneyland 🙂

Wheres Tuna?

Making our way to Hollywood Tower of Terror!

Wow, these California clouds were beautiful!

I think we all picked this was our funnest ride of the day!

After Hollywood Tower of Terror, we headed back to Disneyland for our lunch reservation at the Blue Bayou. Alexis spotted this girl named Holly who I guess was Hugh Heffnors long term number one girlfriend for some time. She was really pretty! I LOVE her cute outfit!

What to pick for lunch???!

Yummy side salad and..

Crab cakes! They were ok, but I was really bummed because they were not amazing! Everything I have gotten at the Blue Bayou has been so good and the crab cakes were a little fishy tasting. Yes, I know it was crab, but you know what I mean…. It was still good, but next time I think I will get the Salmon or steak.

Love the ambiance at Blue Bayou.

Saw these trees in New Orleans Square. So beautiful.

Went to Pooh Corner to go get some treats before we headed back to the hotel room to get our phones charged.

Back at the hotel, we talked, put on lots of layers of warm clothes because it was getting freezing cold outside, and waited for the bus to come pick us up!

Back at Disneyland, it was sooo crowded! During the day, to get in it was packed, but after that once you got inside to the park it was fine. Night time was another story! There were hordes of people! Infact, it reached maximum capacity of 80,000 people, so if you left the park, there was really no chance of getting back in….

Using our last fast passes at Star Tours.


Laura, Kitch, Beth

                        Me and Alexis. I always hope on this ride I will be picked to be the Rebel Spy.

There was a big dance party going on at Tomorrow Land! It was awesome!
All day, since it was a special day at Disneyland, they had secret food items you could get! Each restaurant, each food place had a secret menu! They posted what the items would be in front of the menu so you could pick from it! At Village Haus they had a Chili Cheeseburger! Oh MY GOSH! This needs to be a regular on the menu! It was fantastic! I ate my whole burger and fries! Delicious!

Mickey was so excited for the party to be 24 hours at Disneyland! Wow it was packed! The lines were so long, the crowds were everywhere and the rides started getting to tired from begin open so long! I have never been to the park when it was that crowded! Wowzers. But is was totally worth it! I didn’t make it till 6am, but I made it enough to fill satisfied and loved every moment of it! (I wanted to stay all morning of March 1st, but was worried about not being awake enough driving everyone home on the 10 hour drive back to Utah). I was glad I went and got some sleep 🙂

The beautiful morning of March 1st. 

I had so much fun on this trip! I even loved the 20 hours of driving in 3 days! I was in good company! Here are some fun things I bought at the gift shops at Disneyland! I got 4 LEGO sets, Jake a Phineas and Ferb drawing book, Jake and I matching Star Wars Shirts, and a Tigger and a life size Perry the Platypus that quacks! To cute! I would say this was quite a successful trip!

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  • Jo
    March 5, 2012

    These are great pictures! All of that food looks AMAZING!

  • Bethany
    March 4, 2012

    Wow, what an amazing trip! lol, 80,000 people? That's crazy. Glad you had fun!

    ♥ Bethany


  • Alexis
    March 3, 2012

    hey! this post is so much fun and now I'm having fun stalking your blog! I'm so glad we got to meet and go together!! can't wait for another trip! love ya~

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