Mickeys Soundsational Parade

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This is my kind of Disney Day! Tuesday morning the park opened at 8am and mom and I got there then! There were only a few rides left in Fantasy Land that we had not done yet, so we headed there first! With five days to party we decided we wanted to try and ride every ride in both parks!

Dumbo ride!

Spinning Teapots!

Storybook Land! This is one of my favorite rides!
When we were getting off Storybook Land I looked over and saw something that looked like a dead fish. I asked a worker if there were fish in the pond and she said yes. So I am guessing this deffantily was a dead fish! I wonder if the ducks are like my turtles and like to pull out a fish while its alive and leave on a spot they can’t jump back into the water and watch it die. Kinda of gruesome, but…thats the way it is.
Today we saw Cinderellas Step mom and mean sisters! Mom and I were cracking up at how funny they were! One of them asked a little girl if she liked to clean toilets, and the little girl said no, and the step sister said, well yes all princesses are lazy and I don’t like lazy girls. hahah

Then we went to the Princess Fantasy Faire to wait in line to see some princesses. It was fun! I guess every 30 minutes they change out 3 princesses so you never know which ones will be there!


Sleeping Beauty: Aurora

Snow White
Then we headed over to Toon Town! We had so much fun there! I have not been to Toon Town in years!

We even got to see Mickey Mouse at his house!

After Toon Town we headed back and took the horse and carriage down Main Street! Did you know these huge horses weigh about 2000 pounds!! That means they can pull around 4000 pounds! WOW!
Next we ventured over to  California Adventure! The Symphony Swings were my favorite that day! I do miss when the swings were in the giant orange full of buzzing bee sounds. That was really cute, but I like the cool music they play now, as Symphony Swings.
For lunch we tried a new spot to eat at “Lucky Fortune Cookie.” It was rice, stir fry and meat of your choice! I got beef with their Spicy Korean flavor. I really liked it!
After a great lunch we went and saw “Its Tough to be a Bug!” So cute. The part where you get stung by stingers scares me every time!

Then we headed over to Hollywood Studios Backlot and saw Max from “A Goofy Movie!”I have never seen him before so that was fun!

This is one of my favorite parts of California Adventure. I could sit in this room and watch clips from Disney movies all day long!

We went and saw Turtle Talk with Crush! This show is really cute! I am excited to take kids here someday!

Then we did Animation Academy! This was my first time ever doing this and it won’t be the last! It has become my new favorite thing to do at CA. Not only do you get to sit and rest your feet, a real person teaches you how to draw a Disney Character! How fun is that?! In todays class we learned how to draw Piglet! They teach you in 15 minutes and do an awesome job! Its really fun!

There are tons of fun things to do in this building! We found out which characters we are most like! Jakes mom was Ms. Pots, I was Ursula. I think its because I choose for a answer to a question I rather eat people then go to lunch with nice people. Not technically a true answer I would normally choose, but I was in the moment and I felt carnivorous. We also did singing with Ursula and she stole our voices when we sang the “Hi Ho” song.

Then Jakes dad called and he was done with work, so we met up with him at Disneyland so we could go get good seats for the upcoming parade! On our way in we saw a band playing and we stopped and listened to them for a bit! Disneyland always has great music!

Jakes mom saved us seats for the parade, while dad and I went and grabbed dinner! (She made friends with a  cute family sitting next to her that was from England with two super cute girls. Mom totally has that talent to make friends with everyone!) When mom and I were meeting princesses, I saw this “Troubadour” place that had brawtworst on pretzel buns and wanted to try it out! So we got this for dinner! I really liked it! We learned that next time though, ask for the sour crawt (can’t figure out how to spell….) on the side so the bun does not get soggy. It was still delicious though!

Then Jakes dad got ice cream to top off his meal! He sure does LOVE his ice cream.

MICKEYS SOUNDSATIONAL PARADE began! It was awesome! I loved every minute of it!

I am always so amazed at the details of the floats, costumes, makeup, hair, its amazing!

Then we finished off the night seeing Captain EO! Disneyland closed at 6pm because they were having a Mickeys Halloween Party that night! We got to see a few things being set up for it before it started and made us so excited for the party we were going to on Friday night! Captain EO was awesome and cheesy as ever! I love Micheal Jackson. Sad he is gone.

On our way out we got chocolate covered Mickey sugar cookies! They were delicious! I liked the big chunks of sugar on them! Then we walked back to the hotel and Jakes parents went to bed, and they were so nice and let me borrow there car! I went and drove over to my sister Ambers house to go hang out with her and her family! My mom was also in town, so it was so nice to play with her! I LOVE when I get to see family! This was such a nice treat for me! We had fun just chatting and eating candy! It was great to see Bryce, Brandon and John too! I stayed and played with them till midnight, and then headed back to the hotel! I had a great day with my in-laws and my fam!

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Mickeys Soundsational Parade