The Museum of Ancient Life

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Last week Jake and I got to go to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur museum. They were having 2 dollar Tuesdays entry fees for all of there exhibits/places of entry for the month of August! I was glad we got to take them up on at least one neat thing there before August finished up! Jake and I have been wanting to go to this museum for some time because Jake has never been, and it is a favorite of mine!

Standing by a giant leg can make you feel tiny 🙂

Trying to guess what items are..and watching some plastic archeologists work..

Neat fossils!

ancient alligators eating a dino

My favorite part! 2 T-Rex battling out a meal!

I wouldnt want to be stuck under this foot….

Giant sea turtle! 16×16 feet all around! Whoaaaa!

Estimated size of the Megalodon! HUGE! He doesnt even need to chew..just swallow…Whats with my weird stance? haha

This is another of my favorite exhibits! The museum starts from oldest time period to more recent. This is what it ends with. I love the human throwing a huge rock at the mammoth, and the person crushed under the mammoths foot! So awesome!

Some future archeologists! Jake and I had a great time at the musuem! This is by far one of my favorite all time museums! I am also a big dinosaur lover so that helps!

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  • Michelle
    September 9, 2012

    This is my son's favorite place! He loves the T-Rex, playing with the water/sand, and digging for bones. You guys are brave for venturing out on a $2 Tues! That's when we go, and there are SO many kids.

  • jes @ twosmuppies
    September 7, 2012

    I LOVE DINOSAURS! i need to go here one day.

a HOLE!..and progress in the hole…BASEMENT!
The Museum of Ancient Life